Weatherford Middle School Students Chosen for E.M.T.s Program at SWOSU

Fourteen Weatherford Middle School students have been chosen for the Eagle Medical Trainees (E.M.T.s) program, a partnership between WMS and Southwestern Oklahoma State University that will begin this fall on the Weatherford campus of SWOSU.

The purpose of the program is to educate eighth graders about health careers by providing hands on and observational opportunities in numerous areas including, but not limited to:  nursing, medicine, radiology, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, laboratory, physical therapy and more.

LeaAnne Hume of the SWOSU School of Nursing said examples of activities will be: starting an IV, mixing medication, simulated drilling of a tooth, making a chart, learning CPR, observing a surgery and more.

E.M.T.s is a highly competitive eighth grade program that has been designed to promote focus and good grades in school.  Students are excused from school for four hours once each two months to participate.  Several sessions are spent at SWOSU with others at Weatherford Regional Hospital, local clinics and facilities.

Students chosen for the 2015-16 school year are:

  • JasLynn Nicole Appel
  • Kaylie Esparza
  • Hannah Hartman
  • Evelynn Grace Hills
  • Madison Grace Hoyt
  • Josie Lankford
  • Estephanie Perez-Mercado
  • Megan Mitchell
  • Gracie Mooney
  • Karla Perez Rivera
  • Tressa DaNae Shelton
  • Erin Slagell
  • Callie Madison Stephens
  • Chandlar Taylor