Preston Barber Speaking at SWOSU Physics Banquet

Preston Barber Speaking at SWOSU Physics Banquet

The Southwestern Oklahoma State University Division of Physics will host its annual Physics Spring Alumni Banquet this Saturday, April 2, at 7 p.m. at the Stafford Air and Space Museum in Weatherford.

Federal Aviation Administration Airport Radars Systems Manager Preston Barber will be guest speaker. Barber currently manages and leads a team that provides worldwide engineering support for 200 radar based surveillance systems operated by the FAA and Department of Defense.

Barber, a native of Weatherford who grew up in Oklahoma City, has worked for the FAA in both Washington, D.C. and Oklahoma City.  He graduated from Putnam City High School in 1973 and spent four years in the US Air Force where he repaired automatic pilots and compasses. After leaving the Air Force he attended SWOSU graduating with a B.S. in Physics in 1982.

He has worked on, led and managed teams deploying the following surveillance systems:  ASRS-4:  A 3D, 250 NM Air route Surveillance radar; ATCBI-6:  A modern Air Traffic Control Beacon Interrogator with Mode-S capability; ASR-11: The FAA’s newest Airport Surveillance radar; and ADS-B: Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast, a GPS based surveillance technology.

Tickets for the banquet are $20 each and may be paid for at the door, but a head count is needed so reservations should be made by email (, phone (580/774-3109) or FAX (580/774-3115), according to Terry Goforth of the department.