Chicago Professor to Speak at SWOSU’s Maness Seminar Series

Chicago Professor to Speak at SWOSU’s Maness Seminar Series

Dr. Mark Mandel

Dr. Mark Mandel of the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago will be guest speaker this week on the Southwestern Oklahoma State University campus in Weatherford as part of the Department of Biological Sciences’ Joseph D. Maness Seminar Series.

Mandel will present: Biofilm regulatory changes underlie key evolutionary transitions in a model microbiome.

The presentation is open to the public this Wednesday, March 29, at 4 p.m. in Room 212 of the Old Science Building.

Mandel studies the genetic foundations of microbial-animal symbioses between a bacterium, Vibrio fischerii, and the Hawaiian bobtail squid to identify the form of interspecific communication between these species that allows the host, born without its bacterial symbiont, to recruit V. fischerii each generation.  Mutually beneficial relationships between bacteria and animals are poorly understood relative to parasitic relationships, yet in either case the colonization of animal hosts is critical to the life cycles of all symbionts. 

Understanding the regulation and formation of the recruitment and bacterial colonization allows a unique perspective into evolutionary processes, according to SWOSU Associate Professor Zach Jones.

Light refreshments will be provided at Wednesday’s talk.  For more information, contact Jones at 580.774.3294.