SWOSU Receives Davis-McElmurry Distribution of Funds

Bonnie McElmurry
Bonnie McElmurry
Wilma (Davis) McElmurry
Wilma (Davis) McElmurry
C.B. Graft

C.B. Graft, Testamentary Trustee of the Davis-McElmurry Estate and SWOSU Class of 1963, presents the 2017 Davis-McElmurry gift to Garrett King, executive director of the SWOSU Foundation, Inc., during a recent visit to the Burton House on the Weatherford campus.

Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford has received its annual distribution from the Davis-McElmurry Testamentary Trust. The trust provides much-needed resources each year to the university for scholarships.

Wilma (Davis) McElmurry of rural Custer County near Custer City passed away in 2005 at the age of 89 and designated SWOSU, the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation and Clinton Public Schools as beneficiaries of income from her charitable trust.

Each institution receives perpetual payments from the trust.

“SWOSU continues to be extremely appreciative of this most generous gift,” said SWOSU President Dr. Randy L. Beutler. “Bulldogs today and tomorrow benefit from the thoughtfulness of the McElmurry Family.”

McElmurry earmarked 1/3 of the trust to SWOSU, 1/2 to the OMRF and 1/6 to Clinton Public Schools. The gifts to SWOSU and Clinton Public Schools are to be used for scholarships, while the OMRF is to use proceeds for heart and cancer research. Since April 2007, the trust has provided over $680,000 to SWOSU to provide scholarships for needy students.

At SWOSU, the awards are known as the Davis-McElmurry Scholarships.

Both McElmurry and her husband, Bonnie, were long-time teachers at Clinton Public Schools. Mrs. McElmurry was a 1940 SWOSU graduate. After retiring from teaching, they lived on the family farm north of Custer City where they became very active in farming.

Mrs. McElmurry graduated from Independence High School in 1933. She took a post graduate course at Custer High School in 1934 and entered Southwestern State College in 1936. McElmurry taught at Arapaho until 1956 and then at Clinton until 1973. Mr. McElmurry graduated from Lake Valley School and attended Southwestern State College. He graduated from Oklahoma State University. He started teaching at Arapaho in 1938 where he was principal for six years and superintendent for nine years. He later taught driver’s education classes at Clinton until his retirement.

SWOSU’s share of the Davis-McElmurry charitable distribution is stewarded by the SWOSU Foundation, Inc. The Foundation was established in 1977 to promote philanthropy and distribute funds to support the activities and programs of SWOSU. Located on the Weatherford campus in the historic Burton House, the Foundation currently manages over $20 million in assets for the benefit of SWOSU. For more information please call 580-774-3267 or visit www.SWOSUFoundation.com.