SWOSU Update on COVID-19

Gov. Stitt just provided university and college presidents in Oklahoma with an update.  Here is a summary of that information:

  1. Federal government funding for virus testing is ramping up and more tests will soon be available.
  2. Gov. Stitt has approved 3 private companies to provide virus testing in the state.
  3. There have been 10 positive COVID-19 cases in Oklahoma.  Some of those have already recovered from their symptoms.
  4. There should not be any disruption in the food and supply chain in the country.  There is no need to hoard or stockpile supplies or food.
  5. There will soon be 68 different sites in the state where virus testing can take place. (More info will be released later by the state)
  6. There has been established a 24-hour call center if you believe that you may have symptoms of the virus.  That number is 877-215-8336.
  7. The federal government asked Oklahoma to start mitigation efforts.  That led to the closure of public K-12 schools in Oklahoma until April 6th.  At that time, a re-evaluation will take place to see if K-12 schools will reopen.
  8. Gov. Stitt stressed that citizens need to remain calm and to use recommended sanitary practices.

As a reminder, SWOSU will restart classes with an online format on Monday, March 23.  The format and class structure of your classes will vary depending on the type of class you are enrolled in and how your instructor will want to handle the class.

University housing will be open for those currently living on campus.  Computer labs on campus will be available to students starting Monday.  Finally, the Student Union cafeteria will also be serving lunch and dinner starting next week.

Please stay safe and we look forward to your eventual return to campus.

Randy Beutler

SWOSU President