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Costs to Attend SWOSU

We know that your college choice and investment are important to you, so we work closely with students and parents about the costs they will incur when choosing SWOSU. We encourage you to compare these costs to other regional and comprehensive universities to see for yourself that a SWOSU degree is a not only a bargain, but also a quality choice.

Tuition and fees are one of the main costs associated with attending college. SWOSU is committed to keeping tuition affordable and programs topnotch.

Tuition and fees are priced per hour at SWOSU. There are mandatory fees that all students must pay per hour. There are also fees associated with specific courses and plans of study.

A few specialized courses have additional fees that are per course.

  • Tuition rates include mandatory fees $36.50 per credit hour ($33.50 per credit hour on Sayre courses).
  • Reach Higher Courses do not have mandatory fees.
  • Nursing tuition rates include
    • $11.00 Technology Service Fee
    • $70.00 Nursing Academic Enhancement Fee
    • $40.00 Distance Learning Fee
  • Masters of Nursing tuition rates include $11.00 Technology Service Fee.
Tuition & Fees
Course Type Unit Resident Non-resident
*Weatherford 1-4000 Level Courses (Undergraduate) Per credit hour $248.75  $485.75
**Nursing (Online – RN/BSN & LPN) Per credit hour $339.75 $576.75
***Masters of Nursing Per credit hour


*5000 Level Course (Graduate) Per credit hour $298.75 $576.75
*Pharm.D. Courses Per credit hour $680.25 $1,119.00
Tuition Lock Per credit hour $278.00 NA
Reach Higher Per credit hour $266.00 $601.00
*Sayre Remote Location 1-2000 Level Courses (In person classes only) Per credit hour $175.00 $345.50
Mandatory Fees
Fee Type Weatherford Sayre
Student Activity Fee $11.50 $11.50
Facility Fee $7.50 $7.50
Technology Service Fee $11.00 $11.00
Event Center Fee $6.50 NA
Facility Fee #2 NA $3.50
Fees Per Credit Hour $36.50 $33.50
Academic Enhancement Fees
Fee Type Unit Fee Amount
Academic Enhancement Fee (Courses under Arts & Sciences, College of Professional & Graduate Studies, and Sayre) Per Credit Hour $15.00
School of Business Academic Enhancement Fee (Courses under the School of Business and Technology) Per Credit Hour $15.00
Department of Nursing Academic Enhancement Fee (Courses under the Department of Nursing) Per Credit Hour $70.00
School of Pharmacy Academic Enhancement Fee (Courses under the School of Pharmacy) Per Credit Hour $6.00
Additional Course Fees
Fee Type Unit Fee Amount
Alpine Adventure Fee Per course $200.00
Audit (course for no credit) Per credit hour Same charge as tuition
Choir Music Accompanist Per course $100.00
Distance Learning Fee Per credit hour $40.00
Elementary Bowling Fee Per course $80.00
Emergency Vehicle Operation Fee Per course $400.00
Music Accompanist I Fee Per course $45.00
Music Accompanist II Fee Per course $75.00
Private Lessons in Music Per credit hour $75.00
Remedial Course Fee Per credit hour $40.00
Semi-Private Lessons in Music Per credit hour $35.00
Whitewater Rafting Fee Per course $190.00
Parking and Safety Fee Fall & spring only $25.00
International Student Application Fee   $50.00
School of Pharmacy Application Fee   $75.00
Assessment Center Testing Fees
Fee Type Fee Fee Amount
ACT Residual Exam   $65.00
Advanced Standing Credits Per Credit Hour $5.00
CLEP Exams   $109.00
CLEP Exams   $89.00
CLEP Administrative Fee   $20.00
CLEP Comp. 1 Essay   $10.00
CLEP Comp. 2 Essay   $10.00
English Proficiency Exam   $20.00
GED Exam Subject to change $136.00
HISET H.S. Diploma Equivalency Exam   $101.25
Medical Terminology Exam   $50.00
Medical Terminology Transcription Fee   $15.00
Nursing-Test of Essential Academic Skills TEAS Exam $80.00
Proctoring Fee SWOSU Students $10.00
Proctoring Fee Non-SWOSU Students $20.00
Late Fees
Fee Type Unit Fee Amount
Tuition & Fee   5% of the remaining balance at the time the late fee is applied
Residence Life Contract Breakage Fee   $500.00
Room & Meal Plans
Room & Board Rates (per semester)
Room Cost
Traditional Double $1,450
Traditional Single $2,175
Black Kettle Double Room $2050
Black Kettle Single Room $3075
Mann Hall (South) Double Room $1,800
Mann Hall (South) Single Room $2,700
Mary Mabry Savage Apartments $2,500
Mary Mabry Savage Apartments-Renovated $3,000

Meal Plans (per semester)

Flex Money offers more flexibility and less restrictions. Students can use their Flex money any time during business hours as many times per day as needed with no limitations as to the amount spent. Your Flex Account is the modern, efficient way to handle the money you have allotted for food this year. You can be assured that money budgeted for food will be used for food. The Flex plan combines convenience, cost savings, and security.


  • 8 meals per week $1360
  • 10 meals per week 1500
  • 14 meals per week 1610
  • 19 meals per week 1740

Low Flex Board Plans

  • 10 meals per week 1600
  • 14 meals per week 1685
  • 19 meals per week 1790

Mid Flex Board Plans

  • 10 meals per week 1675
  • 14 meals per week 1735
  • 19 meals per week 1815

High Flex Board Plans

  • 10 meals per week 1750
  • 14 meals per week 1785
  • 19 meals per week 1840

The flex plan includes Flex dollars, which can be used in the Food Court, Cafeteria, University Market, Bulldog Beanery, Grab & Go, dorm vending machines, or Follett Bookstore.

The Flex Dollars (original flex dollars) that are included with these Flex Meal Plans are non-refundable and must be spent by the end of the semester. Note: Summer Original Flex is half (1/2) the amount of Fall and Spring.

Room and Board rates are ½ the per semester rate for summer.

Optional Flex

Additional Flex Dollars can be added to any meal plan in the Food Services Office located on the second floor of the Student Center room 222. There is no enrichment or bonus with this account but it will rollover to the next semester. Optional Flex Dollars are refundable upon request with a $10 cancellation fee.

Method of Payment

Students may use cash, credit card, or personal check to add Optional Flex Dollars to any meal plan.

Flex Dollars Are Accepted at

  • Duke’s Diner Cafeteria
  • University Grill Food Court
  • Brandy’s Grab ‘n’ Go
  • Bulldog Beanery
  • University Market
  • Alma Mater Merc Bookstore


All Meal Plans (Standard and Flex) will carry an equivalent dollar amount per meal to eat at the University Market, University Grill food court, Bulldog Beanery, or Brandy’s Grab ‘n’ Go.

No refunds are made for meals which cost less than the equivalency. Meal charges over the equivalency can be paid by using cash, credit, or Flex Dollars.

If total of items ordered is $6.25,
and the equivalency is $6.00,
then you owe 25 cents.

SWOSU reserves the right to change the equivalency amount at any time during the school year.

On all meal plans, you may use a maximum of three meals per day. Meals not used during the week by Sunday evening are not carried over to the next week.

Any meal plan changes must be made 30 days from the first day of the semester.

Important Information Concerning Your Meal Plan

  • Your SWOSU ID card will serve as your meal card. If you have questions, you can stop by the Food Services Office on the 2nd floor of the Student Union.
  • Any meal plan changes must be made 30 days from the first day of the semester.
  • You will not be allowed to make a meal plan purchase without your ID card.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, please report it at once. SWOSU is not responsible for money spent on cards that have not been reported stolen or lost.
  • If you should lose your card, you can purchase a new card in the Food Services Office for a $5 fee. If you have a card but it will not scan, please come by the Food Services Office.
  • You may not loan your card to any other person. If someone is caught trying to use your card, it will be confiscated and sent to the Food Service Office.
  • On Standard Meals, students may use three meals daily Monday through Friday and two meals on Saturday and Sunday. Meals can be used anytime of the day.


Textbooks can be a significant expense for college students. Costs vary by semester, depending on the number of classes you take. There are ways to reduce textbooks costs by buying used textbooks, shopping online, textbook rental and buying digital versions.

SWOSU Bookstore: You can look up textbooks for a current or upcoming semester and run estimates on your book costs.

Understanding Cost of Attendance

The federal government requires us to estimate how much it costs to attend college here for one year. These figures form the foundation upon which we can award financial aid. In our estimate, we include average figures for tuition, fees, books and supplies, room, board, transportation from a reasonable geographic area, expenses for basic personal needs and student loan fees. Since we use averages, some students will have costs that are less while others will be higher than those used.

Estimated College Costs

Budget Chart
Code Description CB Unit Type 5 Month CB Unit Cost 9 Month COA
TUITU Undergraduate Tuition AP 3,400.00 6800
TUITRNB Rn to Bsn Tuition AP 4,712.00 9424
TUITP Pharmacy Tuition AP 10,922.00 21844
TUITN Nursing Tuition AP 4,415.00 8830
TUITGN Nursing Tuition Graduate AP 3,300.00 6600
TUITG Graduate Tuition AP 2,455.00 4910
TRANS Transportation AP 1,440.00 2880
RBPAR Room and Board W/Parent AP 1,481.00 2962
Room/Parent Room Only W/Parent AP 741.00 1481
Meals/Parent Meals Only W/Parent   740.00 1481
RBONOF R and B on Or Off Campus AP 2,907.00 5814
Room ON/OFF Room Only On/Off Campus   1,192.00 2384
Meals ON/OFF Meals Only On/Off Campus   1,715.00 3430
PONOF Personal on Or Off Campus AP 2,061.00 4122
PLWP Personal With Parent AP 1,566.00 3132
PHARMR Pharmacy Rotation AP 3,418.00 6836
NTUITU Non Resident Tuition U. AP 3,335.00 6670
NTUITRNB Non Resident Tuition Rnbs AP 3,335.00 6670
NTUITP Non Resident Pharmacy AP 7,242.00 14484
NTUITGN Non Resident Grad. Nurse AP 2,700.00 5400
NTUITG Non Resident Graduate AP 2,700.00 5400
LFEE Loan Fees AP 18.00 36
COMP Computer Cost AP 100.00 200
BOOK Books AP 609.00 1218
Budget Adjustments
Code Description CB Unit Type 5 Month CB Unit Cost 9 Month COA
MSTT Student Teaching AP 1,562.00 3124
MOCH Off Campus Housing AP 1,178.00 2356
MNUC Nursing Clinical AP 978.00 1956
MMIL1 Mileage Zone 1 AP 886.00 1772
MMIL2 Mileage Outside Zone 1 AP 1,418.00 2836
MIFH Independent Family Housing AP 1,584.00 3168
MCHCR Childcare AP 1,648.00 3296

Some students have special circumstances, which might affect their financial aid cost of attendance. Items such as childcare costs associated with times in class, long commuter costs of transportation, non-resident tuition charges, Pharmacy doctoral fees, rotations and practicums can be considered for adjustments to the basic budgets.

Items like high charge card or monthly bills, expensive rent, purchase, or lease of an automobile, and costs related to another family member cannot be included as expenses factored into the budget along with many more discretionary costs too numerous to fully list.

Sometimes the best cost of attendance adjustment is a change of lifestyle. If education is truly your first priority, showing that in your financial practices makes a big difference. Trimming discretionary expenses is like giving yourself a scholarship; it makes your financial aid money go much further. Consider this during college and become a financial and academic winner.