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Costs to Attend SWOSU

A Breakdown of Costs

Tuition and fees are one of the main costs associated with attending college, and SWOSU is committed to keeping tuition affordable and programs topnotch.

We know that your college choice and career investment are important to you, so we want to help you better understand the costs you will incur when choosing SWOSU. We encourage you to compare these costs to similar universities to see for yourself that a SWOSU degree is a not only a bargain, but also a quality choice.

Did You know
It costs almost $3,000 less per academic year at SWOSU than it does at colleges that are similar in size and mission.

Tuition and fees are priced per hour at SWOSU. There are mandatory fees that all students must pay per hour. There are also fees associated with specific courses and plans of study.



Weatherford 1-4000 Level Courses

Resident: $256.00
Non-Resident: $493.00

Nursing, RN/BSN, LPN/BSN

Resident: $346.75
Non-Resident: $583.75

Sayre 1-2000 Level Courses

(In-person classes only)
Resident: $245.75
Non-Resident: $482.75


Masters of Nursing

Resident: $360.00
Non-Resident: $638.00

5000 Level Courses

Resident: $308.00
Non-Resident: $586.00

Pharm.D Courses

Resident: $700.00
Non-Resident: $1,138.75

Tuition Lock

Contact the Bursar to learn more about locking in your tuition rate.

Resident: $278.00 per credit hour

Reach Higher

Resident: $275.00 per credit hour
Non-resident: $600.00 per credit hour

Learn More


Mandatory Fees

Student Activity Fee (Weatherford): $11.50
Student Activity Fee (Sayre): $11.50

Faciltiy Fee (Weatherford): $7.50
Faciltiy Fee (Sayre): $7.50

Technology Service Fee (Weatherford): $11.00
Technology Service Fee (Sayre): $11.00

Event Center Fee (Weatherford): $6.50
Event Center Fee (Sayre): $0

Faciltiy Fee #2 (Weatherford): $0
Faciltiy Fee #2 (Sayre): $3.50

Fees Per Credit Hour (Weatherford): $36.50
Fees Per Credit Hour (Sayre): $33.50

Academic Enhancement Fees

Arts & Sciences

$15 per credit hour

Graduate Studies

$15 per credit hour


$15.00 per credit hour

Business & Technology

$15.00 per credit hour

Department of Nursing

$70 per credit hour

School of Pharmacy

$6.00 per credit hour

Additional Course Fees

Alpine Adventure

$325 per course

Audit (course for no credit)

Same as tuition

Choir Music Accompanist

$100 per course

Distance Learning

$40 per hour

Elementary Bowling

$80 per course

Emergency Vehicle Operation

$400 per course

Music Accompanist I

$45 per course

Music Accompanist II

$75 per course

Private Lessons in Music

$75 per course

Remedial Course

$40 per course

Semi-Private Lessons in Music

$35 per course

Whitewater Rafting

$250 per course

School of Pharmacy Application

$75per course

Assessment Center Testing Fees

ACT Residual Exam


Advanced Standing Credits

$5 per credit  hour

CLEP Exams


CLEP Exams


CLEP Administrative


CLEP Comp. 1 Essay


CLEP Comp. 2 Essay


English Proficiency Exam


GED Exam (cost is subject to change)


HISET H.S. Diploma Equivalency Exam


Medical Terminology Exam


Medical Terminology Transcription


Proctoring (SWOSU Students)


Proctoring (Non-SWOSU Students)


Program admissions and certification exam fees vary. See SWOSU Marketplace

Tuition & Fee - Late Fees

5% of the remaining balance at the time the late fee is applied

Residence Contract Breakage Fee



Textbooks costs vary by semester, depending on the number of classes you take. There are ways to reduce textbooks costs by buying used textbooks, shopping online, textbook rental and buying digital versions.

For estimaes you can look up current textbook costs at Alma Mater Merc.

Room Rates & Meal Plans

Room Rates (per semester)

Traditional Double


Traditional Single


Black Kettle Double Room


Black Kettle Single Room


Mann Hall (South) Double Room


Mann Hall (South) Single Room


Mary Mabry Savage Apartments


Mary Mabry Savage (Renovated)


Summer Room Rates

Half the per semester rate

Meal Plans (per semester)


8 meals per week $1500
10 meals per week $1650
14 meals per week $1775
19 meals per week $1915

Low Flex Plans

10 meals per week $1750, incl. $100 flex
14 meals per week $1850, incl. $75 flex
19 meals per week $1965, incl. $50 flex

Mid Flex Plans

10 meals per week $1825, incl. $175 flex
14 meals per week $1900, incl. $125 flex
19 meals per week $1990, incl. $75 flex

High Flex Plans

10 meals per week $1900, incl. $250 flex
14 meals per week $1950, incl. $175 flex
19 meals per week $2015, incl. $100 flex

Summer Flex

Half the per semester rate