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Allied Health/Health Information Management Courses 

Fee TypeUnit Fee Amount
Allied Health Software Fee Per course $100.00
Electronic M/R Technology Fee Per course $60.00

Art Course Fees 

Fee TypeUnit Fee Amount
Art Supply Fee Per course $90.00
Art, Technology, Instructional Media Cost of material used

Lab Fees 

Fee TypeUnit Fee Amount
Biology Lab Fee Per credit hour $5.00
Chemistry Lab Fee Per course $60.00
Science Laboratory Course Cost of breakage

Kinseiology/Parks & Recreation Courses

Fee TypeUnit Fee Amount
Alpine Adventure Fee Per course $200.00
Elementary Bowling Fee Per course $80.00
Emergency Vehicle Operation Fee Per course $400.00
White Water Rafting Fee Per course $190.00

Music Courses

Fee TypeUnit Fee Amount
Accompanist Fees:
Choir Music Accompanist Per course $100.00
Music Accompanist I Fee Per course $45.00
Music Accompanist II Fee Per course $75.00
Private lessons in music Per hour $75.00
Semi-private lessons in music Per hour $35.00
Organ rental per semester $10.00
Practice Room rental per semester $30.00
Primary instrument rental per semester $20.00
Secondary instrument rental Per semester
instruments rented as available

Distance Learning

Fee TypeUnit Fee Amount
Blended/ITV Course Fee Per hour $30.00
Distance Learning Fee Per hour $40.00
ITV - Zoom Fee per credit hour $25.00

Nursing/Radiology Courses

Fee TypeUnit Fee Amount
Nursing Software Fee Per course $100.00
Radiologic Tech Clinical Fee Per credit hour $15.00

Pharmacy Courses

Fee TypeUnit Fee Amount
Pharmacy Care Lab 1 Fee Per course $60.00
Pharmacy Care Lab 2 Fee Per course $55.00
Pharmacy Care Lab 3 Fee Per course $130.00
Pharmacy Care Lab 4 Fee Per course $65.00
Pharmacy Immunization Certification Fee Per course $95.00

Zero-Level Courses

Fee TypeUnit Fee Amount
Remedial Course Fee Per hour $40.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Fee TypeUnit Fee Amount
Application Fee $15.00
Audit Without credit, each credit hour Same charge as tuition
International Student Application Fee $50.00
New Student Orientation Fee First semester of enrollment $5.00
Parking Fee Fall & spring for students with a parking decal $25.00

SWOSU Assessment Center Testing Fees

Fee TypeUnit Fee Amount
ACT Residual Exam $60.00
Advanced Standing Credits Per credit hour $5.00
CLEP Exams (CLEP $87, CLEP administrative fee $20) $107.00
CLEP Comp. 1 Essay $10.00
CLEP Comp. 2 Essay $10.00
English Proficiency Exam $20.00
GED Exam Subject to change $136.00
HISET H.S. Diploma Equivalency Exam $97.50
Medical Terminology Exam $40.00
Medical Terminology Transcripting Fee $15.00
Nursing-Test of Essential Academic Skills TEAS exam $70.00
Proctoring Fee SWOSU students $10.00
Proctoring Fee Non-SWOSU students $20.00

Late Fees

Fee TypeUnit Fee Amount
Tuition & Fee 5% of the remaining balance at the time the late fee is applied
Room & Board Each late payment $50.00
Contract Breakage Fee –
Residence Life
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