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Internships in All Areas of Business

Directed experience working in an organization at a level requiring professional duties and responsibilities. A detailed journal and term report are required. Open only to students with a major in the School of Business who have completed 80 credit hours and at least 70% of the common professional component. Further details can be obtained in the Associate Dean's office. Prerequisite: Approval by the supervising faculty and Associate Dean.

The purpose of the Internship in Business course is to afford qualified business majors with professional practical business training and experience outside the classroom. The student is able to earn three hours of academic credit while gaining valuable business experience.

The internship program is available to all business entities who are able to provide a satisfactory work experience for students. Firms hosting an intern are expected to benefit by (1) having the opportunity to observe and evaluate a potential employee; (2) drawing upon special skills and expertise of students not available from regular employees; (3) contributing to the educational experience of business students and (4) enhance the School of Business by working with other entities in order to make this type of program possible.

Participating firms are expected to employ interns for a minimum of 200 hours in an academic term. Entities are also expected to compensate interns at a rate agreed upon between them and the student. Although not essential attempts should be made to have the work period coincide with an academic term.

The student is to maintain a detailed daily journal of the internship experience. He/She will also be required to write a 2-4 page term report on the internship experience. It will be graded by the sponsoring faculty and become a part of the final course grade.

Participating firms will be required to submit an evaluation of each intern's performance by the conclusion of the internship. This performance evaluation will become a part of the intern's final grade.

Potential interns must complete an (link)Internship Application form (also available in the School of Business Associate Dean's office) and submit it to a sponsoring faculty and Associate Dean for approval. Completion of an application does not guarantee approval for an internship.

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