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Repeated Course Policy

  1. Students may repeat courses in which original grades were "D" or "F" and have only the second grades count in the retention and graduation GPA. The first four courses (18 hour maximum) repeated are the only hours that can be considered under the Repeated Course Policy.
  2. If a course is repeated more than once, all grades earned, with the exception of the first grade, will be counted in the retention and graduation and cumulative GPA's.
  3. Students may repeat courses above the first four courses (18 hour maximum). However, both the original grade and repeat grade will be included in all GPA's.
  4. In cases where students believe courses to be identical, although the course number or title may differ, validation from the department offering the course is required.
  5. Students should not assume that the retention and graduation GPA will be used for admissions to programs or retention in programs such as Pharmacy, Nursing, and Teacher Education. Students should contact the appropriate department chair or advisor to obtain specific information about admission requirements.
  6. The policy applies to students who are pursuing a baccalaureate degree and students who have earned a baccalaureate degree and are pursuing a second baccalaureate degree.
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