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Policy and Programs on Alcohol

The consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal narcotics in any form on the campus, in the university housing, or at any affair on the campus sponsored by or for a student organization is forbidden. Further information regarding prohibited activities related to the alcohol policy is stated in the Student Handbook.

The University also acts in accordance with the Drug Free Schools Act, the Drug Free Workplace Act, and other applicable provisions of state and federal law. Southwestern Oklahoma State University offers the following programs dealing with alcohol and other drug abuse:

  1. Alcohol Awareness Month focuses on fostering responsible drinking behavior. Various programs bring awareness concerning the disadvantages of alcohol and drug use and promote the non-use of all drugs.
  2. Alcohol 101 Plus is an interactive CD-ROM program designed to improve students’ knowledge, attitudes, and skills relating to issues associated with abusive drinking behaviors. Poster displays focus on the disadvantages of drug use and promotes the non-use of all drugs.
  3. Red River Transit provides transportation assistance to students from the community of Weatherford. It enables students to travel safely to and from various locations on campus and in the city.
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