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Explanation of Rights

Prior to the commencement of any disciplinary action the Dean of Students shall explain to the accused student the student's rights under the terms of the Student Code of Conduct.

  1. The decision of the conduct officer shall be final and not appealable except in cases of suspension/indefinite suspension, expulsion, degree revocation, or rescission of credit, which may be appealed.
  2. To initiate an appeal, a student must make the request. The request and reason for appeal should be made in writing, by hard copy, signed, and dated, to the Vice President for Student Affairs within twenty-four (24) hours after the disciplinary decision is rendered. If the student appeals a decision of temporary suspension, suspension, expulsion, degree revocation, or recision of credit, the student may indicate in the appeal to choose an administrative hearing or a hearing before the committee on student conduct. If the student appeals a decision of suspension, expulsion, degree revocation, or recision of credit, the decision will not become effective until after the administrative hearing or after the committee on student conduct hearing. A decision to temporarily suspend becomes effective immediately, but may be overturned after an appeal hearing. Hearings will be held as soon as practical after the request is made by the student.
  3. In cases of an appeal of an expulsion decision with a request for a hearing with the committee on student conduct; shall follow expulsion hearing procedures outlined according to the Board of Regents of Oklahoma Colleges Policy Manual, Chapter 4 on Student Policies.
  4. Each student involved in a proposed disciplinary action of suspension, expulsion, or degree revocation, will be asked to sign a statement explaining the disciplinary policies and procedures of the University. A copy of this statement is available in the Office of the Dean of Students.
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