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Enrollment & Calendar for 2019 Spring Semester - Weatherford

Spring Semester 2019 Calendar

  • January 4, Friday  Enrollment for students who did not pre-enroll
  • January 7, Monday (8 a.m.)  Classwork begins
  • January 8, Tuesday (4:30 p.m.)  Last day to add 1st 8-week classes
  • January 11, Friday (4:30 p.m.)  Last day to add classes (16-week) and last day to drop 1st 8-week classes for a refund
  • January 18, Friday, (4:30 p.m.) – Last day to drop a class (16-week) or totally withdraw for a refund
  • January 21, Monday  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Holiday)
  • February 15, Friday (4:30 p.m.)  Last day to drop 1st 8-week classes with guaranteed “W”
  • February 25, Monday (4:30 p.m.)  Last day to drop 1st 8-week classes with instructor permission
  • March 1, Friday  1st 8-week classes end
  • March 4, Monday  2nd 8-week classes begin
  • March 5, Tuesday (4:30 p.m.)  Last day to add 2nd 8-week classes
  • March 8, Friday (4:30 p.m.)  Last day to drop 2nd 8-week classes for a refund
  • March 15, Friday (5 p.m.)  Spring break begins
  • March 25, Monday (8 a.m.)  Classwork resumes
  • March 29, Friday (4:30 p.m.)  Last day to drop 16-week classes with a guaranteed “W” and last day to add self-paced online courses
  • April 19, Friday (4:30 p.m.)  Last day to drop 2nd 8-week classes with a guaranteed “W”
  • April 24, Wednesday (4:30 p.m.)  Last day to drop 16-week classes and 2nd 8-week classes with instructor permission
  • April 29 - May 3, Monday thru Friday  Final exams
  • May 2, Thursday (7 p.m.) – Sayre Convocation
  • May 3, Friday, (7 p.m.) – Pharmacy Convocation
  • May 3, Friday (10 p.m.)  Semester ends and semester break begins
  • May 4, Saturday (10 a.m. & 2 p.m.)  Undergraduate convocation
  • May 4, Saturday (12 p.m.)  Graduate convocation
  • May 6, Monday (4 p.m.)  Final grades due

Enrollment for 2019 Spring Semester 

Starts October 1, 2018

Enrollment Room Hours

       Monday: (8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.)   Tuesday  Friday: (8 a.m.  5 p.m.)

Enrollment for Different Classifications Will Begin on These Dates:

  • September 24: Students may arrange advisement. Contact advisor for appointment.
  • October 1: Seniors (90 or more semester hours completed), Juniors (60 or more semester hours completed) and all graduate students may enroll.
  • October 1: Athletes, student employees and students not currently enrolled at SWOSU for the Fall 2018 semester may enroll throughout the enrollment period. Contact the Registrar's Office for instructions.
  • October 8: Sophomores (30 or more semester hours completed) may enroll, but requires advisor approval.
  • October 15: Freshmen (and others who have not enrolled) may enroll, but requires advisor approval.

Due to the campus being closed during Fall Break (October 18 and 19) and during the Intersession (December 24 – January 1), advisement opportunities will not be available.

Notice to Students Completing Graduation Requirements at the End of the Semester:

Don't forget to complete a graduation application when you enroll.

Late Enrollment

Students who enroll during the late enrollment and add/drop period must meet all course requirements and may be counted absent for class days missed prior to the late enrollment.

General Enrollment Procedures

  1. It is the responsibility of the student to confirm admission or re-admission (if returning after being out one semester) to the university. Students may apply for admission online or see the Registrar's Office.
  2. After obtaining course schedule information from the university website at https://my.swosu.edu/ICS/Course_Schedulestudents classified as freshmen or sophomores (less than 60 completed hours) go to their advisor's office during scheduled office hours to complete the enrollment form (obtaining advisor's signature).
  3. You may then enroll online through Campus Connect or the Enrollment Room (HAB-106). Holds must be cleared prior to enrollment.
  4. If enrolled through the Enrollment Room, you will receive a printed course schedule and bill for tuition and fees before leaving the Enrollment Room. You are not required to pay at the time of pre-enrollment. All tuition and fees are due on or before January 4, 2019. Late payment penalties are listed below.
  5. I.D.s are available year-round in the Student Center (second floor) during regular office hours. Students will need proof of enrollment (course schedule printout) and a valid photo I.D.
  6. Parking permits may be obtained at the Department of Public Safety.

All eligible students are encouraged to enroll during the pre-enrollment periods.

If at all possible, you should enroll during the enrollment periods as listed above. If it is absolutely impossible for you to enroll during one of these periods, you may enroll on January 4, 2019. Follow the general enrollment procedures stated previously.


  • Students should enroll in the 2nd 8-week classes during regular enrollment whenever possible.

Online Enrollment

Online enrollment is available to students on assigned enrollment dates through Campus Connect. Online self-enrollment is only available to students who have completed at least 60 credit hours and one semester at SWOSU.

Entrance Requirements

All students enrolling at Southwestern Oklahoma State University for the first time are required to have on file in the Registrar's Office (prior to enrollment) the following:

  1. Application for admission.
  2. Immunization Record – Must be on file with Student Health Services by the end of the first semester of enrollment.
  3. High School transcript and ACT scores (Freshmen or students transferring with less than 24 credit hours).
  4. Official transcripts from all colleges previously attended must be on file by the end of the first semester of enrollment.
  5. Foreign students note special requirements in application packet.
  6. Students with questionable academic standing and/or high school curricular deficiencies should inquire at the Registrar's Office.

*Before enrolling, you will be required to provide a transcript to date. Final transcripts will also be required (as soon as available) to complete your admission file.

Refunds Are Made for Approved Total Withdrawals from the University as Follows:

16-week courses

  • January 7 – 18, 100% refund
  • After January 18, No Refund, 100% charge

8-week courses

1st 8-weeks

  • January 7  11, 100% refund
  • After January 11, No Refund, 100% charge

2nd 8-weeks

  • March 4  8, 100% refund
  • After March 8, No Refund, 100% charge

4-week courses

1st 4-weeks

  • January 7  8, 100% refund
  • After January 8, No Refund, 100% charge

2nd 4-weeks

  • February 4  5, 100% refund
  • After February 5, No Refund, 100% charge

3rd 4-weeks

  • March 4  5, 100% refund
  • After March 5, No Refund, 100% charge

4th 4-weeks

  • April 1  2, 100% refund
  • After April 2, No Refund, 100% charge

Interim/Seminar Courses (courses less than 4 weeks)

  • Prior to the first day of class

Any student who totally withdraws from the university during the defined add/drop period shall receive a 100 percent refund of the total tuition and fees assessed to that student. A prorated portion of financial aid received for that semester must be repaid immediately. After the add/drop period, the charge shall be 100 percent of the total tuition and fees assessed to that student. Total withdrawals are processed through the Registrar's office (580.774.3777 or 580.774.3778). Requests for total withdrawals must be processed either in person or through the student’s SWOSU e-mail account.

Every Title IV aid recipient who enacts a complete withdrawal before the 60 percent point in a semester will be billed for all money required to be returned to the federal government due to the new Return of Title IV Aid policy. The billing amount will be equal to 40 percent or more of your tuition and fee charges for the semester. The formula for aid return is available in the Office of Student Financial Services.

NOTICE: Tuition and fees are due in the University Business Office on or before January 4, 2019.

Penalties for Late Enrollment & Late Payment of Tuition

  • January 22 (5 p.m.) Late payment penalty in effect: 5% of Balance Due (Total = Balance Due x $1.05)
  • February 22 (5 p.m.) Additional late payment penalty in effect: 5% of Balance Due (Total = Balance Due x $1.05)
  • March 29 (5 p.m.) Additional late payment penalty in effect: 5% of Balance Due (Total = Balance Due x $1.05)

Students are responsible for payment for the cost of attendance for their education. Students receiving scholarships, loans or grants are subject to all penalties if they fail to insure that the necessary paperwork to receive such financial aid is completed on time. Students who have payment problems must report to the Bursar's Office (HAB - 109). Student accounts that remain unpaid at the end of the semester are subject to assignment for collection. Students are responsible for any additional changes (up to 33 percent) made by the collection company for this service. 

 Precautions & Special Information

  1. Hold: All financial obligations must be cleared through the Business Office prior to enrollment. All other holds ("Admission," etc.) must also be cleared prior to enrollment.
  2. Overloads: An undergraduate student will be allowed to enroll in an overload ONLY with the approval and signature of the provost or his/her designee in the specified place on the enrollment schedule. A graduate student who wishes to enroll in an overload MUST have the written approval of the graduate dean. An overload is defined as: Undergraduate (Fall or Spring): 20 or more hours; Graduate (Fall or Spring): 17 or more hours.
  3. Teacher Education Courses: Students may enroll in "Department of Education only" courses after admission requirements are complete. Students who have been admitted to the Department of Education and have allowed their GPA to fall below 2.50 will be prevented from enrolling in these courses. The only exception will be those students with special permission from the Chair of the Department of Education. (A list of restricted courses is available in the Office of the Chair of the Department of Education, HEC-102).
  4. Teacher Education Professional Semester Courses: (Mini-Block and Student Teaching) In addition to the teacher education admission requirement, students may enroll in the professional semester courses only after submitting an Application for Student Teaching and obtaining a signature from the Department of Education on the enrollment schedule. The space provided for "Special Approval" should be used for this signature.
  5. Professional Nursing Courses: Students may enroll in a restricted professional nursing course only after obtaining the signature of an approved nursing advisor on the enrollment schedule in the space provided for "Special Approval."
  6. Professional Pharmacy Courses: Students may enroll in restricted professional pharmacy courses only after admission to the College of Pharmacy or with a special permit form from the Dean of the College of Pharmacy.
  7. Graduate Credit: Students wishing to pursue a master’s degree must be admitted into a master’s degree program before enrolling beyond nine graduate hours. Only nine hours from another university or taken from Southwestern before being admitted to a degree program may transfer into the degree program. Students seeking certification or taking graduate credit with no intention of seeking a master’s degree must submit credentials and be admitted to graduate school before enrolling in coursework past nine graduate credit hours
  8. Four-Year Degree Plan: SWOSU offers many educational programs resulting in BS/BA degrees designed to be completed in four years. The "SWOSU Four-Year Degree Plan" is designed as an agreement between the first-time freshman and the university specifying the conditions that must be met for progression toward completion of a BS/BA degree in four years. During the first semester of the freshman year, the student and his/her advisor will design the student's tentative "SWOSU Four-Year Degree Plan." The student must make an appointment each semester with the advisor to review the plan and evaluate the progress.
  9. Individual Studies: If a student is enrolling in an Individual Study by arrangement with an instructor, he/she must complete an Individual Study Form obtained from the appropriate department head during advisement. The Individual Study Form should be sent to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs or his/her designee before final enrollment processing in the Enrollment Room (HAB-106).
  10. Oklahoma Scholar-Leadership Enrichment Program (OSLEP): Southwestern participates in the Oklahoma SLEP program. Sophomore, junior, senior and graduate students with a 3.0 or higher grade point average may apply and receive two or three credits for the OSLEP seminar. Contact Dr. John Hayden (580.774.7072) for information and application materials.
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