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MSDNAA Program

Microsoft's Academic Alliance program is a program from Microsoft that enables eligible students and faculty members to have access to software available under the program. Those eligible are teachers teaching some Computer class, students currently enrolled in a Computer class, and especially those seeking a Computer Science degree. The software available are in the operating systems area like Windows XP and in the programming area like Visual Basic. Microsoft Office is not part of this program and must be purchased by the student from some business. There are close to 450 different titles in the program and can be checked out from the Network Administrator Office after being reserved from the ELMS reservation system. We have copies of all software in the program and have made several backup copies to be checked out for the most common software.

In order to use the system, your teacher will need to turn in their class role to the System Administrator so you can be entered into the system. Once you are on the system you can log into the ELMS system to see a list of available software and reserve the software you need. The software can be shipped to you from Microsoft for a small disk fee like 5 or 6 dollars or it can be checked out from the Network Administrators Office for free to load on your home computer.

The system will send an e-mail to your college student e-mail address at the time your name is entered into the system. This e-mail will include your user name and password. Your user name, for students, will always be your college e-mail address and the password will appear in the e-mail. If you are enrolled in a computer class and need some of this software, be sure to tell your teacher to turn in their class roll to be entered into the system.

The purpose of the system, according to Microsoft, is to provide the latest programming software to run on the most stable operating systems. With a good foundation, and good tools, maybe a college can prepare better programmers to solve the coming world problems.

Link to the system follows: http://e5.onthehub.com/WebStore/ProductsByMajorVersionList.aspx?ws=76f6108a-bd9b-e011-969d-0030487d8897&vsro=8&JSEnabled=1

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