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The mission of the criminal justice major at SWOSU is to provide graduates with an academic, intellectual, historical, comparative, and scientific foundation for employment in all major areas of criminal justice as well as future learning (e.g., via graduate school). We offer students a rigorous academic and intellectual experience, intended to produce critical thinkers, competent writers, and graduates knowledgeable about criminal justice agencies, organizations, theories, problems, policies, and ethics. Most of the courses are drawn from the criminal justice field, with supporting courses utilized from sociology, social science, and political science. An international dimension is included in the program. Courses are available through interactive video, telecourses, and in classroom settings on campus.

Field experience is integrated within the learning process. Students are encouraged to take advantage of learning opportunities outside the classroom, including memberships in professional associations, attendance at public presentations, participation in student organizations, as well as involvement in volunteer activities.

The Criminal Justice program at SWOSU-Sayre consists of two degrees, both in Corrections. The Associate of Applied Science degree (AAS) offers the student a terminal degree in Criminal Justice- Corrections qualifying them for entry level positions in the corrections industry, both public and private. The Associate of Science degree (AS) prepares the student to further their education in criminal justice at the baccalaureate level. AS degreed students can laterally transfer into the Bachelor’s degree program in Criminal Justice on the main campus at Weatherford.

Degree Plan

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