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Radiologic Technologist

A Radiologic Technologist provides health care services by administering x-rays to assist physicians in diagnosing and/or treatment of patients. Radiologic Technologist is synonymous with many other professional titles like X-ray Technologist or Radiographer. The physicians who are specialized in the field of radiology are known as Radiologists. The Radiologic Technologist performs many of the x-ray examinations on patients, as well as operating technical radiology equipment.

Photo of a person being x-rayed by a radiologic technologist.Many of the x-ray examinations performed on patients are considered to be "routine" in nature. However, the Radiologic Technologist must always be ready to provide services in emergency or trauma situations, and often find themselves functioning as part of a surgical team. Self-motivation and independent decision making are important characteristics required of a Radiologic Technologist.

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