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Academic Assessment and Advisement

One of the goals at SWOSU at Sayre is to provide the best opportunities for success. Academic success is closely related to how well students read, write, and perform mathematical computations. Therefore, when students come on campus to enroll, they are asked to provide counselors with ACT scores proving their competency in these areas and/or undergo on-site testing in the basic skills of reading, writing, and mathematics. Scores from these tests are used to determine course placement to match level of instruction with the students' academic skills.

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education have established that an ACT score of nineteen (19) or better is an indicator for student readiness for college-level coursework. Scores below nineteen (19) on the ACT exam indicate a deficiency and require the student to undergo remediation. Developmental courses are offered and required for students who are deficient in the areas of study of mathematics, English and reading. For exemption from developmental coursework, first time entering freshmen must score either 19 or above on the ACT subtests in the areas of mathematics, English and reading or pass an appropriate assessment exam.

The counselor or faculty advisor assigned to the student at enrollment counsels and guides the student in planning academic work. The University Counselor or faculty advisors assist students in selecting courses to meet academic program requirements and in following proper procedures for schedule adjustments. Students are encouraged to work closely with faculty advisors or counselor throughout their academic careers at SWOSU at Sayre. Well informed academic decisions will help students successfully reach their goals. The students are reminded that although instructional faculty advisors, the counselor, and others are available to assist in planning, the students have the ultimate responsibility for planning their programs of study and for fulfilling all requirements and regulations of the college.

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education require all colleges to administer additional "outcomes" assessment. Our mid-level assessment is accomplished within the general education courses. Faculty use curriculum-embedded methods such as exams, papers, projects, etc., for improvement of instruction. Students' performances on the National Registry exams also provide data for outcomes assessment. Assessment directly benefits the students because it provides a means of actively involving the students in their learning process.

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