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Access to and knowledge of electronic resources are increasingly important for college students. State-of-the-art electronic technology provides students on the Sayre Campus a variety of classroom settings and learning tools as well as access to learning resources around the world, the university's Canvas web-based course software, and faculty online course support pages.

A local area network makes library resources accessible from across the campus. It also makes applications software and general information available from any computer on campus. In addition, students may access the main campus library in Weatherford, on-line databases, and electronic search resources on campuses worldwide.

The Sayre Campus is one of many statewide hub sites for OneNet, the telecommunications and information network for Oklahoma, which links public schools, vocational-technical schools, colleges and universities, libraries, courts, and local, county, state, tribal and federal government agencies across the state. OneNet provides video teleconferencing and long-distance learning as well as access to public records, government agencies, and the Internet. OneNet is a partnership between the State and private telecommunications companies.

Using the latest fully interactive equipment, the Interactive Video Laboratories allow students on either the Sayre or Weatherford campus to enroll in selected classes generated on the other. This technology has increased course offerings on both campuses and allows students in Sayre to enroll in certain upper division classes not offered locally. It also provides general education course offerings to students in cooperative programs at selected vocational-technical schools. Additionally, students in rural high schools can participate in college courses without leaving their own campuses.

All students attending SWOSU-Sayre have access to a computer lab. Students have access to the latest technologies including LAN, Digital Imaging, Desktop Publishing, advanced programming and the Internet. In addition students may use its applications software to prepare classroom assignments. Students are assigned an e-mail accounts with a SWOSU address as part of the technology fee assessed each student.

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