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Network and Computer Information

Sayre campus has approximately 200 networked computers. Sayre is currently using Microsoft Server 2008 network software. Windows-based machines are in use exclusively. Windows 7 is available in all student labs along with Office 2013.

Sayre has four computer labs on campus: Mackey Hall 104, Mackey Hall 111, the Learning Center (Capps Building), and Alexander Building Room 119. Sayre is very proud of the ratio of students to computers on campus. The ratio is currently 7 to 1, which is probably better than most universities in western Oklahoma. Classes meet often on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but at least one lab will be open at all times.

The big demand of the last few years has been access to the Internet and the use of Electronic Mail. We offer access to both services to ALL students. Sayre students may access both services at any lab on the Weatherford or Sayre Campus. By using the Internet, our students can access libraries of information with a few mouse clicks. If our campus library does not have the information they need, then they may enter the online libraries of many other libraries across the nation. They may also use Electronic Mail (e-mail) to electronically transmit written communication back and forth to anyone they choose.

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