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Campus Software

Sayre works to maintain current trends in software technology. Software changes so rapidly that it is impossible to always have the most updated version of any program. Our campus does, however, do its best to stay as current as possible. It is the belief on our campus that skills gained by learning how to use a certain version of a software program will carry over to the newer version of the same software program.

Our campus offers the following software packages to our students. Most of these programs are available to all students in each campus lab. Some are only by request or specific to a class.

Windows 7

Windows is the operating system standard on most all PCs. This program allows users to perform many tasks by simply pointing and clicking. Windows 7 is in use in all of our student labs and our faculty and staff offices. We have Windows xp on a few computers for student to see how the older systems work, especially for students studying Computer Science.

Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office is an integrated package that consists of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. This is one of the major production software tools for our campus. Statistics show that Microsoft Office is the most prominent software program being used in most fields of study.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the word processing component of Office. It allows the user to create, edit, and manage many types of written documents. One can create simple letters to complex newsletters with graphics using Word. One may also combine Excel charts, graphics, etc. into documents for excellent reports.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet component of Office. It allows the user to manipulate numbers in many different manners. One may do almost any statistical analysis imaginable using this spreadsheet. One can do simple mathematics or advanced mathematical statistics. Businesses often use Excel to track incoming and outgoing money. Charts can be created to add a visual representation of calculations.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is the multimedia component of Office. It allows the user to create multimedia presentations or simple slide shows. One may implement many different types of graphics, sounds, and music in a PowerPoint presentation.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is the database component of Office. It allows the user to store similar information in a form that is easily retrievable. One can sort this data and determine only the parts of the data wanted by doing complex searches.

Microsoft Works 3.0

Works has now been phased out and is no longer available. We have more useful software available.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Firefox and Internet Explorer is the browser that people use to "surf the net." At present Firefox and Microsoft Explorer are the two most prominent browsers in the market. Our campus updates to new versions when appropriate and is currently using Internet Explorer version 9.0 for Windows 7. We have recently installed Firefox on most computer incase some problem occures with Internet Explorer as a backup webbrowser.


A new campus web based e-mail service has recently became available for all students use. Each student will be given an e-mail account at or near enrollment time for use of college communication and all students are expected to check for business and class related e-mail through this account.


QuickBooks is currently being offered and is loaded on some student lab computers. We have plans to offer the latest QuickBooks by arrangement or full time class, .

Microsoft Visual Basic

Microsoft Visual Basic is used for our programming course. It is a programming language that has become popular asset among businesses hiring Southwestern Computer Science students. We use Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 for Visual basic and C++ programming.


C++ is is an optional computer programming class. It is a more powerful programming language that also has become a popular asset among businesses hiring Southwestern Computer Science students. We also use Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 for C++ programming.


Java programming language is becoming more popular and used in our Computer Science I and II classes, as well as a more advanced Java programming class.  Java is a more universal language and can be downloaded from the Sun site.  We use Textpad as an editing tool for Java.

Various Subject Area Programs

Many courses offered at Sayre include additional programs to enhance learning to help with the course. We have software for Math, English, business, accounting, and computer classes. Most of these programs serve as study guides and provide examples to go along with the manual. Most programs can also be used by students not participating in the class.

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