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Grade Schedule: The quality of work done in classes is designated by the following schedule of grades:

  • A - Excellent
  • B - Good
  • C - Average
  • D - Below Average
  • F - Failure
  • I - Incomplete Grade
  • W - Withdrawal
  • AW - Administrative Withdrawal
  • S - Satisfactory
  • P - Pass
  • U - Failure
  • N - Grade Deferred
  • X - Thesis in Progress
  • AU - Audit Status

Students earn grade points on this schedule.

  • A - 4 points per semester hour
  • B - 3 points per semester hour
  • C - 2 points per semester hour
  • D - 1 point per semester hour
  • F - 0 points per semester hour
  • U - 0 points per semester hour
  • S - 0 points per semester hour

If a course is repeated, both grades are used in computing the student's grade point average (GPA). A grade of "S," "P," "I," "U," "NP," or "W" has no effect on the average.

Incomplete: A grade of "I" will be given to students who, because of illness or other unavoidable circumstances, cannot complete a course by the end of the semester. "I" grades not changed by the instructor to a credit-bearing grade or an "F" will remain a permanent "I" and not contribute to the GPA.

Withdrawal: A student must withdraw within the first eleven weeks of class work during a regular semester or within the first five weeks of class work during a summer term to receive a grade of "W." Instructors have the right to give a "W" as a final grade.

Students may withdraw officially any time prior to and including Friday of the week before final examinations begin and receive a "W" for courses in which they are doing passing work and an "F" for courses in which they are failing.

Students who leave school without officially withdrawing may receive the grade of "F" for courses in which they are enrolled.

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