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Full-time officers & reserve officers have enforcement and arrest authority on the SWOSU campuses. SWOSU Campus Security has a mutual agreement with the Sayre Police Department, allowing for cooperation in enforcement activities and the sharing of enforcement.

The SWOSU Campus Security offers services to our staff, faculty, and students in addition to performing routine patrolling duties. They provide building unlocks, as well as vehicle unlocks, jumpstarts, and air assists at no charge to vehicles on campus property.

Our participation in athletic and special events promotes a sense of safety and security to visitors and campus personnel and students as well.

Our office is always willing to share statistics, insights, and experiences as a basis for class reports or vocational interests or as class presentations.

We also provide escorts, money transports, and emergency message notifications as part of our daily routine.

The SWOSU Campus Security strives to provide proactive law enforcement and public service to the entire University community.

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