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Fire - Evacuation


Continuous ringing of fire alarm

In case of a loss of electrical power, the signal will be verbal.

Steps of Action:

  1. Report fire by calling 9-911 pull alarm for visible fire or smoke ONLY.
  2. If fire or smoke is visible/activate the fire alarm and give verbal alarm.
  3. Evacuate the building, alerting people as you go.  Seek and assist persons in your area who are limited in their mobility or who may need additional assistance.
  4. Close all doors leading to the main hallways.  Never prop stairwell doors open.
  5. Evacuate to at least 500 feet from the building.
  6. Restrooms, hallways and unoccupied rooms will be checked by Police.

Personnel Roles of Staff & Faculty:

Supervise evacuation and check for injuries. Assign roles to auxiliary persons as needed.  Double-check room or office to ensure total evacuation.  Administer appropriate first aid within your ability until help arrives.

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