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Unwanted Intruder

The goal is to maintain calm and order and not disrupt the classroom or office area any more than necessary.  Students will not be alerted unless necessary for their safety.



  • Stop any stranger and inquire as to his/her business in the building.
  •  If not there on “normal” school business the Campus Officer should be called while the individual is detained.
  • If in a classroom, call the Campus Officer for help. 
  • If shots are fired, evacuate students to safest position away from the intruder and notify Campus Officer or 9-911 immediately.


Call the Campus Officer (x106), “The intruder is in Room #_____”.   Update with a new    location if the intruder moves.


Depending on the situation, the Campus Officer will take appropriate action.

  1. When calling Campus Officer advise if there is a weapon, and what kind. Try to give a description of the person by noting clothing, gender, race, etc.
  2. Take students into protected classrooms.
  3. Check restrooms and vacant rooms.
  4. Lock classroom door with keys, if possible.
  5. Move students away from doors and glass.



  • If necessary help evacuate students. Ensure all doors are locked. Stay with and protect students, provide first aid, and take roll.
  • Call Campus Officer 9-911.

Auxiliary Staff:

  • Provide first aid and assist with evacuation, if necessary.

Designated People:

  • Lock outside doors.


The following are guidelines to be used for emergency lock down.

  1. Chairpersons/Custodians with a door lock down responsibility will go immediately to the doors and take the needed steps to assure that it is secure.
  2. Students who are outside will be directed to go to the nearest building by a staff member who can see them. They are to remain there until an “All Clear” signal is given.
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