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College Credit By Examination

How do I get Credit?

SWOSU will award credit to students whose background and achievements merit beginning at an advanced level. Therefore, SWOSU at Sayre offers a wide range of tests which will allow capable students to receive college credit through examination. These tests are Advanced Placement Program (APP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), and Departmental Exams (Advanced Standing). See each method for specifics.


SWOSU is a computerized CLEP testing center and accepts credit earned by CLEP Subject Examinations only. The University does not recognize credit earned through CLEP General Examinations.

SWOSU at Sayre CLEP center code number : 6646

  • Cost is $95
  • Advanced Registration Required
  • Appointments should be made one week prior to the test by contacting the Sayre Counselor, Laura Miller, at 580.928.5533.

CLEP Minimum Passing Scores

Click here to see accepted scores and credits

Advanced Placement Program (APP)

Click here to see accepted scores and credits

*Contact our Counselor, Laura Miller, if you have questions. You may also contact the College Board Advanced Placement Examinations, P.O. Box 592, Princeton, New Jersey 08540.

Departmental Exams

Sometimes referred to as Advanced Standing Exams, credit can be awarded through Departmental exams by course. Prior approval must be attained from both the Sayre Campus Counselor and the instructor in the given course subject.

  • Exam will be comprehensive over entire course.
  • Cost will be $5 per credit hour.
  • "S" or satisfactory grade given (credit only - will have no effect on GPA)
  • Must make a 70% for "S" or satisfactory grade
  • Must be completed within the first two weeks of each semester.
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