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General Admission Requirements

  1. Graduation from an accredited high school or a certificate program of high school equivalency (GED).
  2. Participation in the American College Testing Program. It is recommended that the ACT be taken during the senior year of high school, but it may be taken during the first semester after admission. SWOSU at Sayre has been designated as a national testing center and administers the ACT on five national test dates annually. SWOSU at Sayre also administers the residual ACT. Contact the Office of Counseling and Assessment for further information.
  3. Completion of high school curricular requirements.
Units (Years) Course Areas
4 English (Grammar, Composition, Literature)
2 Lab Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or any lab science certified by the school district with the exception of General Science, with or without lab)
3 Mathematics (from Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Math Analysis, Calculus)
2 History (including 1 unit of American History)
1 Citizenship skills from the subjects of Economics, Geography, Government, and non-Western culture (effective Fall 1997)
3 Additional units of subjects previously listed or selected from the following: Computer Science, Foreign Language (effective Fall 1997)
15 Total required units

4.   All students with ACT scores within the State Regents' guidelines for remediation will be required to remove curricular deficiencies through testing or through remedial coursework. Students will be notified by the counselor's office of this situation and will be advised accordingly.

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The Focus Is You