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Withdrawals Policy

Students may withdraw from one or more classes during a semester, or may withdraw completely from all of their currently enrolled classes during the semester

  1. To withdraw from an individual class, a drop/add form is obtained from the Registrar's office in the Administration Building. The form is completed giving the class information regarding which class(es) are to be dropped. Signatures from the professor of the class and the student's advisor are required. The form is then returned to the Registrar's Office for processing.
  2. Total withdrawal from the University for the semester is accomplished by obtaining a withdrawal form from the Registrar's Office located in the Administration Building. Signatures from the Student Financial Services Office, the Business Office, and the Registrar's Office are required for withdrawal.
  3. Students who withdraw from classes or the University before the eleventh week have a "W" recorded on their transcript. After the eleventh week students are given W/P or W/F for each class depending on whether they are failing or passing at the time of withdrawal. Grades of students leaving the University without officially withdrawing are recorded as "F."
  4. Refunds are made for approved total withdrawals according to dates published each semester in the Class Schedule bulletin.
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