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Former Miss Southwestern

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1958 Carol Cates Carol Cates
1959 Pat Senn Pat Senn
1960 Tess Witt Tess Witt
1961 Donna Durham Donna Durham
1962 Sara Mize Sara Mize
1963 Karen Jones Karen Jones
1964 Mary Ella Wright Mary Ella Wright
1965 Bety Edwards Betty Edwards
1966 Shirley Cowan Shirley Cowan
1967 Karen Lane Karen Lane
1968 Deborah Drennan Deborah Drennan
1969 Shelia Willis Shelia Willis
1970 Kathy Olds Kathy Olds
1971 Sue Lynn Jenkinson Sue Lynn Jenkinson
1972 Gayle Smith Gayle Smith
1973 Ora Ray Ora Ray
1974 Jan Burkhalter Jan Burkhalter
1975 Margaret Park Margaret Park
1976 Pam Franklin Pam Franklin
1977 Leeanne Wimberley Leeanne Wimberley
1978 Kerri Fisher Kerri Fisher
1979 Lawana Kisinger Lawana Kisinger
1980 Trayce Jo Bradford Trayce Jo Bradford
1981 Candace Ann Lawrenz Candace Ann Lawrenz
1982 Cinda Hill Cinda Hill
1983 Cathy Reinschmidt Cathy Reinschmidt
1984 Rebecca Lynn Dorrough Rebecca Lynn Dorrough
1985 Rhonda Lynn Hoeksema Rhonda Lynn Hoeksema
1986 Tracy Lea Tims Tracy Lea Tims
1987 Paige Daily Paige Daily
1988 Kimberly Swails Kimberly Swails
1989 Lori Entz Lori Entz
1990 Tamara Walker Tamara Walker
1991 Gayle Ousley Gayle Ousley
1992 Stephanie Gunning Stephanie Gunning
1993 Nancy Simpson Nancy Simpson
1994 Teresa Biddle Teresa Biddle
1995 Lori Ann Kromer Lori Ann Kromer
1996 Ann Marie Perkins Ann Marie Perkins
1997 Lacey Legnon Lacey Legnon
1998 Tascha Lawless Tascha Lawless
1999 Kara King Kara King
2000 Kara King Kara King
2001 Amy Kilhoffer Amy Kilhoffer
2002 Alison Mainers Alison Mainers
2003 Malinda Briggs Malinda Briggs
2004 Chelsea Dunn Chelsea Dunn
2005 Megan Alexander Megan Alexander
2006 Ashley Bledsoe Ashley Bledsoe
2007 Pinkey Patel Pinkey Patel
2008 Bobbi Poff Bobbi Poff
2009 Kaeli Carothers Kaeli Carothers
2010 Sarah Simpson Sarah Simpson
2011 Rachel Denison Rachel Denison
2012 Jenna Crispin Jenna Crispin
2013 Tia Sauer Tia Sauer
2014 Hailey Raetz Hailey Raetz
2015 lacey-anderson Lacey Anderson
2016 Maybree Rittenhouse Maybree Rittenhouse
2017 Jordan Caulkins Jordan Caulkins
2018 Melissa Valencia Melissa Valencia
2019 2019 Meaghan Dorn Meaghan Dorn
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