Degree Completion R.N. to B.S.N.

This is an online BSN completion program designed for those who already hold an Associate's Degree in Nursing from ACEN accredited nursing programs or those enrolled in their last semester of an Associate's Degree program.

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Registered Nurse Students

Application and Enrollment Deadlines:

Fall 2015: August 17, 2015
Spring 2016:  December 18, 2015
Summer 2016:  May 23, 2016
Fall 2016:  August 15, 2016

Southwestern Oklahoma State University Registered Nurse (RN) to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) completion track is for licensed registered nurses who have graduated with an associate's degree or diploma from an accredited nursing program (ACEN, formerly NLNAC). The RN student may receive advance standing articulation hours of up to 31 hours credit. To verify that your program is ACEN accredited, please visit their website at Applicants who do not reside in Oklahoma should first contact Nursing at 580.774.3261 to determine eligibility to apply.

All RN students must meet University admission requirements. The BSN curriculum builds upon previous nursing and general education course work. The program is designed to support educational mobility and to strengthen professional growth and leadership abilities of nurses who already have a foundation in the profession.


RN Students Application and Selection

Application to the nursing program may be made at any time after official admission to the University: Criteria for admission to the nursing RN to BSN program include a retention GPA of 2.50 (on a 4.0 scale) for all previous college/university work. Prospective students must possess a registered nursing license or obtain one within their first semester of course work. Applications by those who are in their last semester of Associate's Degree nursing programs are welcomed, however, students must submit proof of licensure prior to application or within their first semester of course work.  Qualified applicants are admitted to the program by date of completed application. Applications will be retained only for the application cycle in which they were initiated. For example, a student who applies for spring admission, but who does not complete the process and enroll for spring or notify the school in writing of their wish to defer admission to summer, would need to make a new application to be considered for future admission. Please note that the application must be completed and the applicant must be enrolled by the deadline, or the applicant may not attend classes until the next semester.

After acceptance into the nursing program, the student will be assigned a faculty advisor, who will contact the student to develop a plan of study for program completion. If the student's last name  begins with A-M, the student's advisor is Dr. Marcy Tanner. If the student's last name begins with N-Z, the student's advisor is Mrs. Rachel Davis. The RN must complete the BSN degree within five (5) years following the acceptance into the nursing program.

Online Learning

All of the RN to BSN professional courses are delivered in an online format. Not all general education courses are offered online. All elements of the professional courses are online including: email, discussions, web searches, portfolio, and assignments. (Recommended Computer Requirements for Online Courses)

Some of these files require external applications or readers. If you do not have the appropriate program to open the file, click here to download the software.

MSN Student"My name is Danielle Pierce and I plan to attend SWOSU to become a master’s prepared registered nurse. I began at SWOSU in 2005 for my basic courses for business administration. It was during those pre-requisites that my economics teacher told our class “If you want to have a secure job, become a nurse. The supply of patients will always meet the demand of nurses”. It was that day that I first met my nursing advisor, Marcy Tanner.

I was immediately welcomed into Marcy’s office with open arms and a big smile on zero notice. Everyone I encountered at the nursing school was alike in this manner. Smiling, welcoming and professional, all the nursing school staff and teachers were SO encouraging to me in regards to pursuing this new potential career. Despite being just weeks from delivering a newborn, I was neither discouraged nor discredited. The positive environment was definitely the most prominent thing in my memory from that day. I really think it’s why I decided to continue with my whim to pursue nursing. I am a huge first impressionist and I knew these were people I could mold myself after.

Less than 21 months later, I, the 21 year old, terrified, confidence-lacking, single mother of-a 20 month old, showed up for my first day of nursing school, barely able to grasp the concepts of what the words “blood pressure” meant. Correction: I had no idea what the words “blood pressure” meant, and I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be passing class long enough to find out. By the end of the semester, we were competent in full head-to-toe assessments and had a large medical vocabulary! We were learning how patient’s function, how to care for them, and how to interact with them and an array of medical professionals. We did all these things, exponentially and impressively just as the instructors assured us we would. I couldn’t believe how much we learned in such a short time! I can’t say it was easy. I’ve never been so challenged as I was that first semester, but the support we received from our instructors made it possible. We were being molded, pushed, challenged, and most importantly, encouraged. As a nurse, you cannot succeed without a strong foundation, and that is EXACTLY what SWOSU gave me and my classmates. I was unequivocally prepared and rounded by my teachers in assessment skills, documentation, intervention and reassessment. The priority SWOSU SON puts on education alone is enough to make a great nurse. The education and instruction I received there, in addition to the great contacts they helped me find, pushed me to grow from that scared, confidence lacking, single mom who didn’t understand “blood pressure” to working in a wonderful emergency room and flying in a helicopter with rural Oklahoma’s most critically ill and injured patients in less than six years from my first semester of nursing school. The credit goes entirely to my incredible teachers at the nursing school and the wonderful contacts they helped me find through my preceptorship.

My defining moment, though, for knowing I wanted to eventually be in a teaching role was in nursing school. I was speaking to one of my instructors about what the future could hold. She told me “I decided to become a teacher so I could help more people. In my mind, I knew I could help hundreds of patients in my career as a critical care nurse. I could make them feel better. I could impact lives in a positive way. In my heart, I knew I could help thousands if I could impact future nurses too, so I decided to become a teacher”. Since the day she said this, I’ve been waiting for the right time to go back to school.  I want to be in a position where I, too can affect thousands of people in a positive way. I believe that there is no better opportunity to do this than with the school that provided me with the tools, knowledge, standards, compassion, resources, encouragement and confidence to do this. When I heard SWOSU was opening the master’s program, I knew SWOSU was the clear choice for me. It’s the only choice. It’s my educational home & family. "

Brandi Ward"Every step in my nursing career has been a challenge but having an online BSN program that works around my schedule with easy access on my hand-held devices and instructors who are actively making sure that I am completing the tasks needed has been far from challenging. Rounding out my ADN degree at a BSN level is not only allowing me to advance my knowledge in leadership, research and community health it is also giving me the confidence in knowing that I can give back to my hospital in ways I couldn't have before. SWOSU is the best decision I have made to advance my career and I recommend this program to all my colleagues. I'm proud to be a Bulldog."

Brandi Ward, RN-BSN graduate
Nurse Recruiter
Human Resources
Jackson County Memorial Hospital

Rena Linehan"All of my Professors have been very helpful and willing to assist me as needed. They were easy to get in touch with and always pleasant and eager to help me do the best possible. This will be my final semester of nursing classes. I have to say, I have enjoyed each class and have gained a great deal more knowledge than I had initially anticipated. I'm happy I made the effort to take the next step." - Rena Linehan, RN to BSN Student

Mburu Pius"I enrolled in the RN to BSN program at SWOSU hoping to benefit from the flexibility and convenience of an online educational curriculum. Since enrolling into this program one year ago, my expectations have been met and exceeded, and I believe my choice of a university could not have been a better fit. At the enrollment level, the RN-BSN advisors were prompt in answering my questions both by phone and email, and offered very useful information in helping guide my educational decisions. Most importantly, this active involvement did not change after I was on board with the program. The professors keenly respond to every discussion post, case study, and research paper, focusing on every student’s unique strengths as well as needs. Among the students, there is a culture of civility that guides all discussion board exchanges without hindering sharing of opposing views. The students are drawn from multiple nursing disciplines, making the sharing of experiences much more enriching. Now that I am almost graduating, I am a step closer to realizing my goal of going into advanced nursing practice. Additionally, there are more career opportunities in the fields of education, research, community nursing, and leadership. Previously, these career paths were not an option."- Pius Mburu, 2015 RN to BSN student

azaleas"SWOSU's BSN program allowed me to further my education and increase my knowledge base all while doing the course work online. The program was challenging; however, I was still able to work full time and spend time with my family. I highly recommend this program for anyone who is wanting to further their education in nursing."- Tracey Tremain, SWOSU RN to BSN Student 

Fatu Wieh"I chose SWOSU because right from the admission process I felt at home and at ease. The staff is knowledgeable and approachable. Online schooling sounded very intimidating at first. But with my family life and a full time job, I knew it was my best option to complete my BSN. The professors are absolutely amazing! They go the extra mile to help students succeed. The curriculum is manageable. The cost is fair compared to similar programs. I am satisfied with my choice of being a Bulldog and would recommend this program to anyone wanting to complete their BSN!"- Fatu Wleh, RN to BSN student