Health Careers Day 2015
Health Careers Day 2015

Health Careers Day 2015

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Presentation Schedule/Location

Students may choose to browse through the table displays or to attend a classroom presentation. 

Table Browsing occurs all morning (9am – Noon).  Classroom presentations begin at 9:15. 

Classroom presentations will be in the Skyview, Green, Film & Athletic Conference Rooms.

Skyview Room – enter using the east stairs and exit the room by using the west stairs.

Green Room & Film Room – enter from the NE corner of the gym (wait in bleacher area).

Athletic Conference Room – enter through the Athletic Offices (NE lobby area).


  • Pre-Professional Options (SWOSU’s Pre-Med Advisory Committee)Skyview Room (upstairs)
  • Exercise ScienceFilm Room (downstairs)
  • Medical Lab TechnicianGreen Room (downstairs)
  • Music TherapyAthletic Conference Room (Athletic Offices near NE entry doors)


  • Athletic TrainingSkyview Room (upstairs)
  • Health Science/Health Info. Management/ Health Care Admin.Film Room (downstairs)
  • Chemistry Green Room (downstairs)


  • NursingSkyview Room (upstairs)
  • PT AssistantFilm Room (downstairs)
  • BiologyGreen Room (downstairs)


  • PharmacySkyview Room (upstairs)
  • OT AssistantFilm Room (downstairs)
  • Radiologic TechnicianGreen Room (downstairs)

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Black Kettle Hall Coming Soon!
Black Kettle Hall Coming Soon!

Residence Hall Opening 2016

Black Kettle Hall is scheduled to open in January 2016 for student housing.

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation includes an Orientation Session prior to the beginning of the fall semester, Mass Orientation, a one-hour freshman orientation course, and Dawg Days (planned activities during the first few weeks of the fall semester).

For students starting in the spring semester, New Student Orientation includes an Orientation Session in the fall semester, and a one-hour freshman orientation course.

SWOSU Honors Program

Southwestern Oklahoma State University is proud to announce the inauguration of the Honors Program.  This new initiative will provide SWOSU students with opportunities to develop their intellectual potential to the fullest using enriching curricular and co-curricular educational experiences. The function of the program is to cultivate academic excellence and form a community of scholars sensitive to socioeconomic and environmental challenges.

The Honors Program builds from, and enhances the mission of SWOSU as it is “to provide education, research, scholarly and creative activities, and service in an intellectually stimulating and nurturing learning environment”.

President's Leadership Class

The Presidents Leadership Class (PLC) is a four-year leadership program for top students at Southwestern Oklahoma State University at Weatherford. The program was founded in 2006 and is primarily supported by private donations.

Each year approximately 15 of SWOSU’s top entering freshmen are selected to be PLC Scholars. Each Scholar is awarded a $1,000 scholarship and also receives four years of leadership training that fosters both intellectual and personal growth. PLC develops leaders who will have a profound understanding of leadership and its responsible application within organizations, communities and their state.

PLC’s curriculum allows Scholars to develop leadership skills through weekly lectures given by staff, business and community leaders, discussion groups, group projects, community service, and internships.

Contact Information

100 Campus Drive
Gen. Thomas P. Stafford Ctr #207
Weatherford, OK 73096
Phone: 580.774.3782
Fax: 580.774.7131

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Health Careers Day