2016-2017 Student Payroll Schedule  \"2016-2017  
2017-2018 Student Payroll Schedule  \"2017-2018  
CAS Faculty Research Proposal  \"CAS  
CAS Faculty Research Report  \"Faculty  
COP Committees 2017-2018  \"cop-committee-membership-a.pdf\"  
COP Standing Committee Student Membership 2017-2018  \"cop-standing-committees-students-a.pdf\"  
Organization List  \"Organization  
Organizations by Category  \"Organizations  
Safety Meeting Sign-In Sheet  \"sign-in.xlsx\"  
Sales Tax Exemption*  \"Sales_Tax_Exemption_Permit.pdf\"  
Sayre - Academic Forgiveness Provisions  \"\"  
Sayre - Academic Reprieve Policy  \"\"  
Sayre - Admission  \"\"  
Sayre - Articulation Policy  \"\"  
Sayre - Attendance  \"\"  
Sayre - Computer Science (A.S.)  \"ASSOCIATE  
Sayre - Criminal Justice/Corrections (A.S.)  \"Associate  
Sayre - Demonstrations and Peaceful Assembly  \"\"  
Sayre - General Business (A.S.)  \"ASSOCIATE  
Sayre - General Studies (A.S.)  \"Associate  
Sayre - Medical Laboratory Technician (A.S.)  \"Associate  
Sayre - Pre-Nursing (A.S.)  \"Associate  
Sayre - Radiologic Technology (A.S.)  \"ASSOCIATE  
Sayre - Students With Disabilities  \"\"  
Sayre - Withdrawals  \"\"  
Sayre Emergency Procedures Guide  \"emergency-guide-sayre.pdf\"  
Sayre to Weatherford Student Transfer Form*  \"H:\Documents\Universityforms\reg\reg-sayre-transfer.doc\"  
Scholarly Activity and Academic Activity Report*  \"\"  
School Code Request*  \"\"  
School of Nursing Handbook  \"nursing-handbook-2017-2018-a.pdf\"  
Senatorial Absence Form*  \"dos-senatorial_absence_form.pdf\"  
Senior Citizen Fee Waiver*  \"Senior  
September 2010 (599KB) - Upward Bound  \"ub-sep10-newsletter.pdf\"  
Service Hours*  \"edu-service-hrs.pdf\"  
SGA Senator Filing Form  \"sga-senate-filing-form.pdf\"  
Sidewalk Chalk Application*  \"Side  
Small Class Report  \"H:\Documents\Universityforms\prov\prov-smallclasreport.doc\"  
Small Purchase Order  \"bus-smallord-fixed.xlsx\"  
Softball Roster Form  \"softball-roster.pdf\"  
Software Installation for Computer Labs*  \"its-sftinst.pdf\"  
Sole Source Affidavit*  \"bus-solesour.docx\"  
Sorority Letter and Registration  \"Go  
Sponsor Report Form  \"\"  
Staff Handbook  \"\"  
Steps to opening and using an organizational account - Foundation  \"fia-steps-open-use-org-account.pdf\"  
Student Activity Budget Request Summary*  \"Budget  
Student Allocation Check Requisition Form  \"bus-student-allocation-check-req-FIXED.docx\"  
Student Allocation Instructions  \"bus-student-allocation-instructions.pdf\"  
Student Allocation Purchase Order Form  \"bus-student-allocation-po-fixed.xlsx\"  
Student Complaint Policy  \"vpsa-student-complaint-policy.pdf\"  
Student Data Form (2017-2018)  \"2017-18  
Student Data Form (2018-2019)  \"2018-2019-student-data-form-a.pdf\"  
Student Employee Hiring Procedure  \"\"  
Student Employee Travel Log*  \"bus-studemplytrvlog-fixed.xlsx\"  
Student Health Form  \"H:\Documents\Universityforms\hs\hs-healthinfo.pdf\"  
Student Hire/Termination Form- ITS  \"\"  
Student Information Change Form*  \"sfs-studinfochange.doc\"  
Student Organization Contact list  \"Organization  
Student Organization Resource Guidelines  \"Student  
Student Organization Signature Card  \"fia-org-sign-sheet.pdf\"  
Student Paperless Payroll Check Stubs Directions  \"payroll-student-myswosu-directions.pdf\"  
Student Report Form*  \"\"  
Student Travel Report*  \"bus-studtravrpt-note  
Students with Disabilities Exam Request Form*  \"H:\Documents\Universityforms\dos\dos-adaexamrequest.doc\"  
Study Hours Sheet  \"ret-study-hours.pdf\"  
Summer Faculty Load Assignment*  \"prov-sumfacloadassign.xls\"  
Supply Room Requisition*  \"mailrm-suprmreq-fixed.xlsx\"  
SWOSU BioSafety Compliance Form for Biochemical/Biological Research  \"H:\Documents\Universityforms\osp\osp-biosafetycompliance.doc\"  
SWOSU Club Account Authorized Signatures  \"dos-club-acct-auth-sig.pdf\"  
SWOSU Haz-Com Chemical Inventory*  \"H:\Documents\Universityforms\saferiskmngt\saferiskmngt-chemicalhazcom.xls\"  
SWOSU Incident Report  \"saferiskmngt-incidentreport.pdf\"  
SWOSU International Students And Social Security Numbers  \"\"  
SWOSU Intramural Sports 2012-2013 Handbook  \"wellness-intramural-hdbk12-13.pdf\"