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Natural Science Education (B.S.)

students on stageMore than ever before, we need great teachers! Our world is currently facing a number of challenges that will be easier to solve if future generations are equipped with a well-rounded education. Secondary Education majors have the ability to shape the future by preparing these informed citizens to meet the challenges we face as a society. When Natural Science Education is chosen as a career path, your course of study will prepare you to teach in one of the secondary levels designated as middle, junior, and senior high school. Preparation includes general education courses, major specialization in the areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, professional education classes required for effective classroom management and planning as well as state and national requirement implementation, and psychology components to help teachers understand and shape the adolescent mind.

Testimonial from SWOSU Biology Graduate

Tanner Wheeler

8th Grade General Science &
Biology Teacher, Clinton Public Schools

When I started my education at SWOSU I never expected I would eventually be a teacher. I started off pursuing a career in the medical field but after being exposed to hands on science and encouraged to tutor others as well as TA, I quickly fell in love with the teaching profession. I quickly learned how important teachers can be as roll models and mentors. I am now in a profession that truly makes me happy and I owe that all to the SWOSU.