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Bulldog Clothes Closet

When it comes to basic needs, many of our students face significant struggles. SWOSU has taken one more step in helping students by providing Bulldog Clothes Closet vouchers. The endeavor serves as a partnership with the local Et Cetera Shop and is a complement of the Bulldog Food Pantry.
Did you know that more than 60 percent of SWOSU students
who don't return to college do so for non-academic reasons -

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can a student
visit the Clothes Closet?

Once per week

Who can receive assistance
from the Clothes Closet?

Any current student with a current ID.

What if I have an
interview coming up?

If you need a suit for an interview or a professional career outfit for your first day(s) of work, then the SWOSU Clothes Closet is for you!

What if I don’t have a resume
or I need to update my resume?

Visit the Academic Support Center (ASC) in Stafford 250. SWOSU provides help with building/updating your resume.

Tips for Success

Dress for Success Pointers/Tips

  • Try on clothes prior to wearing them for an interview
  • Ensure that clothes fit, if not have them tailored
  • Iron clothes the night before
  • Clean shoes for any “scuffs or markings”
  • Check clothing for “holes or stains.”  Clean garment or determine not to wear
  • Check for Functional zippers, buttons, etc. If not functional either fix or determine not to wear
  • Color coordinate.  If you need assistance, bring your clothing items to the Academic Support Center (ASC), they can provide advice.  Check out clothing color coordination apps from Google Play or Apple Store
  • Watch this video on How to Dress for an Interview

Dress for Success Interview Tips

Before the Interview

  • Be Prepared – Research the company, have your updated resume, and list of references
  • Know where you’re going (Visit the site before the interview)

The Interview

  • Arrive Before interview Time (10-15 minutes)
  • Smile and Stay Calm
  • Dress Appropriately
  • Have a Firm Handshake
  • Know your Strengths, Weaknesses, and Goals
  • Bring a Pen and Notepad
  • Ask at least 1-2 Questions

After the Interview

Ask for a Business Card and Send a “Thank you Card/Email.”