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Mathematics Departmental Information


Mathematical skills, knowledge, and abilities learned in mathematics courses are applied in a variety of vocations to resolve challenging problems. A broad foundation in basic mathematics courses, emphasizing concepts and problem solving skills with in-depth knowledge in chosen areas from higher mathematics prepares students to function successfully in their career fields. The department firmly believes that a competent user of mathematics must first be a good student of mathematics.

Department Goals

  • To provide the basic skills and Knowledge needed by all students who are preparing for a productive life in a rapidly changing technological world
  • To strengthen and enrich the general education program
  • To train quality mathematics teachers for the public schools
  • To provide a solid foundation for students who will continue mathematics studies at the graduate level
  • To prepare mathematics students for a wide variety of vocations in business, industry, and government service
  • To provide a supportive second field of knowledge for students in other areas of study