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History Education (B.A.Ed.)

What is History Education?

classroom seatsHistory Education is a degree that teaches students not only History, but provides the tools to become good educators. A good history teacher explain facts and demonstrates the significance of past events to help students understand how history is relevant to the present. A history teacher also helps students understand the patterns of past events to help them gain a perspective that will enable them to successfully meet important political and social changes in the present. Great history teachers bring the past to life through lectures and experiential learning that inspire their students to want to know more. In addition, History teachers help students to develop critical thinking skills so that they can analyze historical facts and interpret them in the proper context to gain a better understanding of the human condition over time.

SWOSU offers a Bachelor of Arts and a minor in History.

Why History Education at SWOSU?

We want you to succeed as a history teacher, either here in Oklahoma or across the country.  SWOSU’s History Education Program is the only education program in Oklahoma that is a nationally accredited 4-year program in which students graduate fully licensed as Oklahoma educators. Our program is fully accredited by NCSS and CAEP. History Education majors at SWOSU receive professional training and are able to apply that training during their professional semester when they go into a live classroom and teach.  As a result, SWOSU History Education majors are ready to begin teaching the moment they graduate as fully certified educators.

100% of our graduates have attained work in public schools or gone on to attended graduate school in the last 6 years.

The program offers the kind of advising that will help get you there, including:

  • One-on-one preparation
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Connections to local school districts
  • Teaching Evaluations
  • Learn the latest in educational technology
  • Broad scope of expertise from the history of the American West to Feudal England

Coordinator: Dr. Fred Gates

Student Activities

Traveling to Academic Conferences


Academic conferences are usually annual events where faculty and students gather to discuss their research.  Conferences can be national or regional, broad or topic-specific.  Papers or projects you develop in class can be presented to audiences with the assistance of your professor.

If you considering graduate school, working in museums, with the public, or law school, it’s a great way to work on presentation skills.


Every year, Phi Alpha Theta members attend the regional Phi Alpha Theta conference here in Oklahoma. The group also attends the national conference every other year in various cities across the United States.


Check with your professor or advisor for information on upcoming conferences.  We can often provide funding for student research activities.