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Art Education (M.E.D.)

SWOSU’s offers a bachelor and master level degree in Art Education. Through this program, students will learn from knowledgeable art educators and receive hands-on learning experience. This program leads to professional certification as an Art Educator in Oklahoma.

Student to Educator

Art Education majors at SWOSU will study alongside experienced educators as they work toward their own certification for teaching art in (K-12) public school systems. Students will take courses that explore a variety of different mediums and disciplines and gain real-world experience through student teaching. Graduates of this program will have the knowledge, experience, and certification to prepare them for a successful career in education.

Why Study at SWOSU?

Students will have opportunities to work with professors in small studio settings. Programs are offered to enrich your experiences through field trips, study abroad programs, visits to art galleries, and student exhibitions, all while training to be the next generation of teachers.


Graduates of the Art Education degree program will be equiped to forge an exciting and fulfilling career in the area of education. As certified Art Educators, graduates may find employment in positions such as

Art Teacher
Art Critic
Studio Artist