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Computer Science (B.S.)

    computer science professor with students

    What is Computer Science?

    Computer science is a field that reaches virtually every industry. A computer scientist takes the data produced in a business and creates useful information. Also, a computer scientist takes the objective of a business and writes code to meet the business objective. A computer scientist works in many other areas between these two spectrums as well.

    Why Study Computer
    Science at SWOSU?

    A degree in computer science at SWOSU can be focused on one of two practical options: (1) Computer science and (2) Information systems. The computer science option offers courses in math, hardware, and programming languages for the person focused on a traditional computer science career. The information systems option offers courses in network security and business courses for the person focused on the business side of computer science. Both options culminate in a capstone course for an experiential learning course in the student’s last semester.