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Music Education-Instrumental (M.M.)

    What is Music Education?

    This degree allows instrumental students to refine teaching and performance techniques appropriate to instrumental music education for all grade levels in the various schools. Students will study their major performance area, will perform in large and small ensembles, further develop analytical and theoretical skills and gain specialized knowledge in the history of music. Small class sizes allow personal interaction with faculty. Students will also learn about teaching practices from highly qualified and experienced professors in the music department.

    Why Study Music Education at SWOSU?

    The SWOSU Department of Music has a long tradition of producing great music educators. As a result, you will be sought after for teaching positions in the state and beyond. The department of music has a caring and distinguished group of artist/faculty members and a variety of ensembles both large and small.

    Applying to the Graduate Program

    1. An audition before a hearing committee is required in order to be eligible for scholarship assistance or a graduate assistantship. For full consideration, complete the audition before March 1.
    2. The audition will consist of some or all of the following: One complete piece of standard repertoire for your instrument (all movements of a concerto or sonata, for example), an etude of sufficient difficulty to demonstrate graduate-level readiness, demonstration of all major and minor scales, and sight-reading. A recorded or video-taped audition may be considered in rare circumstances when a candidate is unable to schedule a live audition.

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