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Music Performance (M.M.)

    What is Music Performance?

    SWOSU’s performance degree offers specialization in the study of voice, piano, organ, guitar or any orchestral instrument. This degree allows for deep study of your chosen performance area with an expert artist level faculty performer, with the aim of a career as a performer and teacher.

    Why Study Music Performance at SWOSU?

    Our students have won competitions at state and regional contests (NATS, MTNA), attended special summer workshops and participated in our diverse ensembles. SWOSU performing groups are frequently selected to perform at state level music conventions and perform concerts on campus and on regional tours. Our annual classical music guest artist performance roster and the annual jazz festival bring regional and national level performers to campus. This allows students the opportunity to interact with these exceptional artists.

    Applying to the Graduate Program

    1. The Masters Degree in Music Performance is designed for candidates who show a high degree of aptitude and desire for a career as a professional-level performer. Candidates not meeting performance standards will not be accepted into the program.
    2. An audition before a hearing committee of at least two faculty members is required in order to be eligible for scholarship assistance or a graduate assistantship. Please complete the audition before March 1 for full consideration.
    3. The audition will consist of some or all of the following: Two complete pieces of standard repertoire for your instrument (all movements of a concerto or sonata, for example), an etude of sufficient difficulty to demonstrate graduate-level readiness, demonstration of all major and minor scales, and sight-reading. A recorded or video-taped audition may be considered in rare circumstances when a candidate is unable to schedule a live audition.