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Departmental Information

The Biological Sciences department at Southwestern Oklahoma State University has established specific goals to guide its academic programs and activities. These goals include promoting student learning and development, fostering scientific inquiry and critical thinking, encouraging research and scholarship, and contributing to the community through outreach and service.

To achieve these goals, the department offers a range of undergraduate and graduate courses in various fields of biology, such as anatomy, ecology, genetics, microbiology, and physiology. The department also provides opportunities for students to engage in research projects, internships, and experiential learning activities that enhance their knowledge and skills.

In addition, the department encourages its faculty members to pursue research and scholarly activities that advance the understanding of biological processes and phenomena. The faculty's research interests cover a broad range of topics, including cancer biology, environmental science, molecular genetics, and wildlife biology.

Through its outreach and service activities, the department seeks to promote public awareness and understanding of biological issues and to address societal challenges related to health, environment, and sustainability. These activities include partnerships with local schools, community organizations, and government agencies, as well as public lectures, workshops, and exhibitions.

Overall, the Biological Sciences department at SWOSU is committed to providing high-quality education, research, and service in the field of biology, and to preparing students for successful careers in various areas of the life sciences.