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Submit an Event

Submit an Event

To get started, you must first sign-in before submitting an event. This is how you will track the progress of your submitted event. Go to Form Fields Explained for more information on completing your request.

Form Fields Explained

On Campus or Off Campus

Where will the event occur?

On Campus

The default setting is "On Campus." You must choose On Campus if your event is taking place at a SWOSU location.

Off Campus Template

Select "Off Campus" if your event does not have a location (such as a holiday, deadline, etc.) or if it is happening somewhere other than a SWOSU location (you can add a location name and address if you want).

Event Information


Provide a short, descriptive title for your event such as Public Relations Meeting rather than Meeting or PR Meeting.

Venue or Location

You must provide a Venue if you are reserving a room at a SWOSU location.

If you are submitting an event and using the "Off Campus" option, you can add something in the location field such as a place and address or leave the field blank.


Choose your start and end times. You can submit repeating events with multiple start and end times.

Student Organization

If this is a student organization event, select "Yes." If it is not, select "No."

Type of Event & Audience

Both of these are required fields, calendars can easily be filtered by type and audience. You can choose more than one option for both of these fields.

Department (optional)

This is an optional field and should ONLY be used if the event is related to a specific SWOSU department such as Nursing and Music or Academic Affairs and Business Office (this is used to filter events for those specific pages on the SWOSU website).

Event Image (optional)

If you have a logo or an iimage that depicts your event, you can upload it here.

Contact Information (optional)

You can provide contact information to be published with your event's information.

Cost, Registration & Set-up (optional)

These fields are optional. Add the cost if there is one to attend your event. If you need a basic sign-up form, provide what fields you want on that form. And you can add set-up information such as room arrangement, set-up and clean-up times, catering information, etc.


Choose your start and end times. You can submit repeating events with multiple start and end times.

Web Link (optional)

If there is a link to a page with more information about the event (ideally to a page with a link)., you can add the link here.


Write a brief, one paragraph description using 3-5 sentences. It is key to your event and letting others know more about it. Use complete sentences to describe your event (do not copy and paste your event title in this field). 


When you click "next," you will have a chance to check your information before choosing "submit." After you submit your event, it will go through the approval process before being added to the calendar. You will need to log in to the SWOSU calendar to see the progress of your event.

Other Questions?

If this page doesn't provide the calendar help you need, you can email us your question.