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Submit an Event

Event Form Fields

  • On or Off Campus

    On Campus (default) is to reserve a location on campus. If your event is not on campus or doesn't have a location, such as a holiday or a deadline, choose Off Campus. 

  • Event Title

    If your goal is getting people to attend your event, make your title short, sweet and exciting!

  • Venue/Location

    If you choose On Campus, you must enter the Venue and Room. If you select Off Campus, you can enter the location name and address (or leave blank).

  • Date and Time

    Add your date and time. You can submit repeating events with multiple start and end times.

  • Event Type and Audience

    Both are required fields, so calendars can easily be filtered. You can choose more than one option for each one. 


  • Categories

    If none of these apply to your event, leave them blank.

    -Annual Event
    -Academic Department
    -Administrative Department

  • Contact Information

    It is a good idea to add contact information so people can ask questions about the event (submitter info is for internal purposes only and does not get published). 

  • Cost to Attend

    You can add the cost to attend (leave blank if the event is free).


  • Room Set-up

    If your event is a room reservation, you can add set-up information.

  • Image Upload

    Adding an image or logo (1x1 ratio size) is another way to market your event. Do not add informational graphics here. If you want to add something like a flyer to your event, you can do that in the description.

  • Description

    The description is critical to getting people interested in your event. So, write 3-5 sentences that are compelling and informative.

    If your event is for reservation purposes only, add one brief sentence and do NOT use characters (.......) to reach the minimum requirement.

  • Next Button

    You will not be able to advance to the next page if you have not filled in a required field or if the room you request is unavailable. Correct the form fields with a red error message to move forward.


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