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Miss Oklahoma Resume' Instructions

Miss Oklahoma

2021-2022 Local Candidate's Resume Instructions

This is your opportunity to demonstrate to the judges why they should consider you for the job at your local and for the job of Miss Oklahoma 2022. This one-page resume, combined with the Social Impact Initiative, will comprise your entire application for this job. The judges will receive exactly what is submitted.

Instructions for Candidate's Resume 

  • Resume - one (1) page only – single sided
  • In the style/format Candidate feels best reflects her in interviewing for the job of Miss
  • Color can be used on your resume
  • No photos or pictures on your resume
  • Suggestion: Print on white, ivory or light grey copy paper. (20, 22 or 24 weight paper). Indicate number of printed resumes needed or if candidate can submit by e-mail and local will make color copies of resume.
  • Use any style font – but nothing less than 10-point
  • The following must be included on your resume:
    • Name – Local Title – Social Impact Initiative – Talent – School attending or graduated

The following are only suggestions and/or ideas for your resume. Create a resume that best reflects who you are, your accomplishments and qualifications to successfully fulfill the duties of the role of Miss Local. The following ideas do not have to appear in this order or even be used. Again, these are ONLY suggestions. Required items on your resume: Name, Local Title, Talent, Social Impact Initiative and Schooling. 

Suggestions Include: 

  • Highest Educational Standing
  • Major/Minor
  • Scholastic Achievements/Honors Leadership Roles/College or High School
  • General Goal or Objective in competing as it relates to becoming Miss Local or Miss Oklahoma or as it relates to Career Ambitions
  • Activities/Accomplishments
  • Skill Sets: leadership, strong communications skills, motivational speaker, strong organizational skills, fundraising, social media, bi-lingual
  • Interests: traveling, scrapbooking, yoga, white water rafting,
  • Anything that relates to your abilities to carry out the duties of Miss Local or Miss Oklahoma.
  • You can include websites that relate to your social initiative,
  • Be creative – sell yourself – be honest – don’t embellish