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Miss Oklahoma Social Impact Statement Instructions

2019 Local Candidate’s

Social Impact Statement Instructions

Your Social Impact Initiative (formerly the Platform) will be your initiative on which you will work, alongside the Miss SWOSU Competition, during your Year of Service. This submission allows you to explain to the judges your subject matter choice, how you choose to advocate for it during your year and the metrics you see for success at the close of your Year of Service. In addition, it should explain how your advocacy will further the Miss Oklahoma/Miss America Organization mission.

This page ONE (1) page, singled-spaced document, combined with the Candidate’s Resume, will comprise your entire application for this job. The judges will receive exactly what is submitted. Any items that do not meet the criteria or are submitted after the deadline will not be given to the judges. If your Social Impact Statement arrives on the day of the deadline, but does not meet the criteria, there will not be time to return it to you; therefore, it will not be given to the judges. The candidate may explain the lack of judging materials during her interview, if she so chooses.

  1. Go to the word processing program of your computer.
  2. Start a “new” document.
  3. Set margins for 1" on all four sides. The font style may not be any smaller than 10 and no larger than 12-point-type using the Times New Roman font style.  
  4. With the justification set for left, type Name: in bold. Following the colon (:), hit the space bar twice.  Then, type your name. 
  5. Then, move to the next line and type Title: in bold. Following the colon (:), hit the space bar twice.  Then, type your state title.
  6. Double space down. Set your justification to “center." Then type in bold and underline the title of your Social Impact Statement.
  7. Double space down. Write what you feel is critical for the judges to know about your social impact statement and why it is necessary for you to have the job of Miss America to promote this issue. What you write will be what the judges know about your statement, your role in successfully dealing with this issue, and the role the Miss America Organization may play in your plan.
  8. This essay may include some of the following items (this is not to be meant as an exhaustive list):
    • A clear definition of the platform and the specific issues you wish to address
    • A plan on how you have or will create awareness of the platform
    • The way in which you have or will change attitudes regarding the issue
    • The way in which you have or will change behaviors related to this issue
    • The way in which your platform issue will move the Miss America Organization forward
    • Your media plans
    • Your marketing strategy
    • How you propose to fund your ideas/plans
    • Any significant accomplishments you have made in regard to your issue
  1. At the bottom of the page, set the justification to the right. Type a line of 26 spaces. Below that line, type Signature/Date and after printing sign and date the document. If you forget to sign and date, we will need to return the document to you as it cannot be accepted without your signature. Thank you.

It is important that you sign and date the original document and required copies as shown in the attached sample prior to submitting

Please click here to view a sample of Miss Oklahoma's 2019 Local Candidate's Social Impact Statement.