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Miss SWOSU Outstanding Teen Competition Rules

  1. Contestant must be at least 13 years old by the first day of the state competition.
  2. Contestant must not be older than 17 years of age as of July 31 in the calendar year of the state competition in which she competes, unless she is 18 years old and has not graduated from high school as of July 31stin the calendar year of the state competition in which she competes. 
  3. Contestant must be a citizen of the United States.
  4. Contestant must be and always been a female.
  5. Must be a resident of the state of Oklahoma for at least six months prior to the pageant.
  6. Must be single, never married, nor have been the parent of any natural or adopted child.
  7. Never been convicted of a crime, does not have any criminal charges pending against contestant and must have a good moral character.
  8. Be in reasonable good health (to the best of her knowledge) and able to participate fully and without limitation in any program activity.
  9. Contestant will not smoke, use or consume alcohol or any illegal controlled dangerous substances.
  10. Contestant must be a young lady of the highest moral character, integrity and standards.
  11. Contestant must abide by all the agreements and rules set by the Miss Southwestern Scholarship Pageant Board.
  12. Scholarships received will only be allowed to be used at Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford or Sayre campuses. 
  13. Contestant will be provided a clothing allowance to be used (as needed for opening number) at the Miss Oklahoma Outstanding Teen by the Miss Southwestern Scholarship Pageant Board.
  14. Contestant’s parent or guardian will be responsible for taking contestant to Miss Oklahoma Pageant in Tulsa in June.
  15. Contestant will be responsible for selling pageant tickets and three scholarship patrons for the program book for the pageant.
  16. Be judged in all phases of competition, which includes talent, active wear, evening wear and personal interview.
  17. Agree that all decisions of the judges are final and binding.
  18. Contestants must do their own hair and make-up for the pageant. Parents, relatives and friends, etc., will not be allowed backstage or in the interview waiting rooms. Hostesses will be provided to help you with clothing, etc., backstage and in the interview waiting room.
  19. All rehearsals will be closed. No parents, relatives or friends will be allowed to watch. 
  20. All Cell Phones will need to be turned off during rehearsals and backstage.

Competition Phases Rules

Private Interview (25 percent)

  1. Interviews will be a total of six minutes. This will be with a panel of five judges. There will be no opening or closing comments, just questions and answers.
  2. Questions will come from a variety of areas, including, but not limited to the contestant’s application and fact sheet, moral/ethical issues, current events, etc. Contestant should be prepared to answer any type of question.
  3. Contestant’s wardrobe should be age appropriate. We are requesting that the contestant wear a suit, pant suit or nice dress.

Talent (35 percent)

  1. Contestant’s talent must not be longer than 1:30 minutes. Only CD accompaniment is accepted. Make sure the contestant’s name and title of song are on the CD and the CD case. Please make sure only one track is on CD.
  2. “Live” accompaniment is not permitted. Only the contestant is permitted on-stage. No other person may be a part of her presentation though background vocals will be allowed as long as they don’t overpower the contestant.
  3. Talent must be performed live; pantomime and lip-sync are not permitted.
  4. Tap dancers may not have accompaniment CDs with pre-recorded taps or tap sounds.
  5. The sound engineer will not stop and re-start an accompaniment CD as a part of the Contestant’s performance. If contestant needs a 10-second delay in her performance, then the CD should include a 10-second silent spot.
  6. No other tracks may be included on the accompaniment CD.
  7. Background tracks will be approved by the Pageant.
  8. Fire (fire ropes, fire batons, etc.) pyrotechnics, swords, knives or machetes, bow and arrow acts, and the use of live animals are strictly prohibited.

Evening Wear/On-State Question (25 percent)

  1. Contestant should wear age appropriate attire that makes her feel beautiful and special.
  2. Age appropriate full-length gowns or full-length pantsuits are appropriate. Shorter attire may be worn, but must be age appropriate and non-revealing when worn on a stage.
  3. Contestant will be asked one question on stage. Questions can be over any topic.

Lifestyle and Fitness in Active Wear (15 percent)

  1. The contestant will wear an active wear item of her choosing. This does not include swim suits. This can be what you would wear to the gym, attire you would wear to participate in a sports, etc. The contestant defines her own personality and style preference. This is to be something that you do in your personal life to stay physically fit.
  2. Contestant will wear shoes during active wear.