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Jieun Chang

Jieun Chang

Social Sciences

Jieun Chang

Associate Professor

SCI 104-E


Courses Taught

  • ECONO 2263 Intro to Macroeconomics (Online; classroom; Zoom)
  • ECONO 2363 Intro to Microeconomics (Classroom)
  • ECONO 4963 International Economics (Independent study)
  • ECONO 5653 Adv. Managerial Economics (Online; classroom; Zoom)

Educational Background

Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Colorado at Boulder

M.A. in Economics Michigan State University


Chang, J., & Kang, Y. (2019). Instrumental variable estimates of the effect of management practices on firm performance in Korean firms. Journal of Labor Research,40(1), 106-125.

Chang, J. (2018). Privacy and security concerns in online health services. Applied Economics Letters, 25(19), 1351-1354.

Chang, J., & Kang, Y. (2018). Differences in business R&D intensity across OECD countries: the role of size-dependent regulation. Applied Economics Letters,25(7), 509-512.

Chang, J., Savage, S. J., & Waldman, D. M. (2017). Estimating Willingness to Pay for Online Health Services with Discrete-Choice Experiments. Applied health economics and health policy, 15(4), 491-500.

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