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Job Description

Miss SWOSU is an attractive young woman with a confident, comfortable and commanding presence.

Miss SWOSU is an intelligent, talented individual who takes personal pride in her physical appearance and health.

Miss SWOSU is an articulate, independent and eloquent communicator with the courage of her convictions.

Miss SWOSU is a proven achiever.

Miss SWOSU is a role model who inspires others and relates well to young people.

Miss SWOSU is energetic, charismatic, compassionate and outgoing.

Miss SWOSU is cooperative, flexible and punctual.

Miss SWOSU is a student ambassador for Southwestern Oklahoma State University and a public relations representative of the Miss Southwestern Scholarship Competition and the citizens of Weatherford, OK as well as the Miss America Organization and for her chosen platform.

Miss SWOSU should view herself as a public servant, not as royalty.

Miss SWOSU serves as an advocate of her chosen platform, as well as character education, women’s issues, patriotism and other issues.

Miss SWOSU’s community service project should reflect her personal interest and depth of focus and she should continue to work in that field with the assistance of her position.

Miss SWOSU must have a sense of warmth and friendliness and should be able to speak clearly, with correct use of language.

Miss SWOSU should always be polite, courteous and respectful of others and convey a sense of gratitude.

Miss SWOSU will make appearances and may be asked to host events, speak or share her talent at various events and should be able to function in any of those roles, sometimes without advance notice.

Miss SWOSU must possess talent enough to compete at the state and national level, and although she need not be the most talented candidate overall, she should be willing to work hard and receive additional instruction in order to prepare for Miss Oklahoma and Miss America Competitions.

Miss SWOSU must have a sense of determination and adventure to be a team player who can accept suggestions and critique positively.

Miss SWOSU has the potential to be Miss Oklahoma and Miss America.