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Southwestern Oklahoma State University has featured beauty contests, pageants and competitions since 1919 on the Weatherford campus. In addition to the competitions, Miss SWOSU also has a a mentoring program called the Miss SWOSU Little Stars.
Miss SWOSU Pageant
Saturday, November 11, 2023
Fine Arts Center
7:00 pm
For an Application Packet, Email us a request.
Miss SWOSU Pageant Information Meeting
Tuesday, September 12, 2023
Student Center Bonny Board Room
5:00 pm
Entry Deadline and Mandatory Meeting
Thursday, October 5, 2023
Student Center Bonny Board Room
5:00 pm
Miss SWOSU Finalists

The Miss SWOSU 2023 Finalists are Mercy Stevens, 4th runnerup; Chloe Mellot, 3rd runnerup; Miss SWOSU’s Outstanding Teen 2023 Landri Jones, Miss SWOSU 2023 Megan Bradley, Mackynsie Mckedy, 1st runnerup and Angela Nichols, 2nd runnerup.

Outstanding Teen Candidtates

The Outstanding Teen 2023 candidates are Zoey Martin, Savannah Williams, Miss SWOSU’s Outstanding Teen 2023 Landri Jones, first runner-up Mattilyn Bixler, and Foster Tischler.


  • 1919

    In 1919, a senior girl was selected and named simply, “Beauty Queen.”

  • 1920 - 1929

    From 1920 through 1929, a May Queen and her Robin Hood, who were dressed in theme, were selected and they were joined by a “Garden of the Girls.”

  • 1940 and 1941

    In 1940 and 1941, a Mr. and Miss Southwestern and their court were named. But by 1942 the court had been eliminated.

  • 1954

    In 1954, the campus beauty won the title of Yearbook Queen.

  • 1958

    It wasn’t until 1958 that the pageant and title took on a more familiar look and became known as “Miss Southwestern.”

  • 1993

    In 1993, the official title underwent a name change, becoming the “Miss Southwestern Scholarship Pageant."/p>

  • 2000

    During the 2000 year, the Miss America Scholarship Program started the Miss America 2.0 and several things changed, such as contestants being called candidates; pageants were called competitions; girls are now ladies; and the lifestyle in fitness in swimsuits was dropped from the competition. Also, Miss Southwestern became Miss SWOSU.

  • 2009

    In 2009, the Miss SWOSU’s Outstanding Teen Competition began as a mentoring tool for statewide teens to see the SWOSU campus and experience the hospitality “on the hill.”

  • 2011

    One titleholder in 2011 was the “FIRST” in Oklahoma to win the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen title.

  • 2020

    In 2020, a national pandemic shut down cities, schools and lifestyles around the world and because of the COVID virus, a two-year shut down of all local competitions took place.

  • 2023

    In 2023, SWOSU will crown it’s 65th Miss SWOSU titleholder and its 14th Miss SWOSU’s Outstanding Teen. The local competition is one of the only ones in the state with live jazz music provided by the SWOSU Music Department. The competition is held in the Fine Arts Center Auditorium.