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We are excited that you are considering becoming a Miss SWOSU candidate - you won't regret it. It is important to meet all of the obligations and requirements and to submit all of the required forms and documents by the November 1 mandatory meeting.

Miss SWOSU Requirements

  • State Candidate Registration that includes a $35 registration fee
  • Local Competition Registration that includes a $75 registration fee.
    (You will receive this form after completing the State Candidate Registration.)
  • Miss SWOSU Candidate Form that includes uploading the following documents:
    • Resume (instructions)
    • 5x7 photo
    • Driver's License
    • Birth Certificate
    • Proof of Health Insurance
    • Current SWOSU Enrollment
    • Transcript
    • Signed Social Impact Statement
  • Talent Form
  • Solicit three scholoarship patrons (Cash or checks payable to Miss SWOSU Scholarship Competition)
  • Sell tickets to the Miss SWOSU competition