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Student Loans

SWOSU Graduates have less Student Debt

Student debt can create a significant burden for college graduates. But our students are fortunate because SWOSU is highly competitive compared to the cost of similar universities.

While every situation may vary, it is essential to note that the debt statistics for SWOSU graduates reflect a much different story than those reported nationally.

At SWOSU, 55% of our undergraduate students have NO DEBT. And the average for students receiving an undergraduate degree who do graduate with debt is $14,363. Both numbers are well below the national average.

If you have previous student loans, you may access your loan borrowing history at NSLDS Student Access.

Pros and Cons of Student Loans


Loans are good because they are a type of financial aid available to help you meet your educational expenses so you can graduate as soon as possible. Federal educational loans are unique. You can borrow up to set limits with no cosigner, no collateral and no credit check, and the application process is simple and straightforward.


Loans are bad because without realizing it, a student can get thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars in debt before graduating. That can make starting a career hard and far less rewarding. Further, you cannot have these loans canceled if you don’t complete your degree or because you’re having financial difficulties. So, if you're looking at borrowing, walk lightly. Borrow only what you really need to get through school. Then all that great money you're planning on making years from now will belong to you instead of the bank!