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Tuition and Fees

2023-2024 SWOSU Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees vary for SWOSU students based on degree choice and the number of credit hours taken. Here is a breakdown of tuition and fees. If you would like to know more about your cost of attendance (a combined cost of tuition, housing, meals, books, transportation, etc.), check out our Net Price Calculator.

Tuition rates are per credit hour and are subject to change.

  • Resident Tuition

    1-4000 Level Courses
    Tuition Lock
    Reach Higher (ORGL Courses)
    5000 Level Courses
    Pharm.D. Courses

    Non-Resident Tuition

    1-4000 Level Courses ($232.29 + $1.00)
    Reach Higher (ORGL Courses)‍
    5000 Level Courses ($285.58 + $1.00)
    Pharm.D. Courses ($687.39 + $1.00)

    Mandatory Fees

    In addition to tuition per credit hour, students must also pay these mandatory fees.

    Event Center Fee
    Facility Fee
    Student Activity Fee
    Technology Service Fee
    TOTAL  $29.20

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  • Nursing Tuition

    Traditional Nursing
    Master's of Nursing

    Non-Resident Nursing Tuition

    LPN ($238.69+$1.00)
    RN/BSN ($238.69+$1.00)
    Traditional Nursing ($232.29+$1.00)
    Master's of Nursing ($365.03+$1.00)

    LPN & RN/BSN Fees

    In addition to tuition per credit hour, LPN and RN/BSN students must pay the following fees.

    Online Technology Service Fee
    Nursing Academic Fee
    Distance Learning Fee
    TOTAL $113.70

    Traditional Nursing Fees

    In addition to tuition per credit hour, Traditional Nursing students must pay the following fees.

    Nursing Academic Fee

    Masters of Nursing Fee

    The tuition rate for the Master of Nursing program includes an Online Technology Service fee.

    Online Technology Service Fee

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  • Academic Enhancement Fees

    Academic Service Fee (per hour
    under Arts & Sciences,
    Prof & Grad, Sayre Courses)

    Business & Technology Academic Fee
    (per hour on School of Business courses)

    Pharmacy Academic Service Fee
    (per hour on Pharmacy courses)


    Other Course Fees

    Alpine Adventure Fee(per course)

    Elementary Bowling Fee (per course)

    Distance Learning Fee
    (per hour plus regular tuition charges)


    Emergency Vehicle Operation Fee
    (per course)


    Remedial Course Fee
    (per hour)


    Testing Fees

    Program admissions and certification exam fees vary (see SWOSU Marketplace). Proctoring fee at a remote location is at the discretion of the proctoring Institution.

    ACT On-Campus Exam
    Advanced Standing Credits (per credit hour)
    CLEP Exams (CLEP $93, CLEP Adm. $20)
    CLEP Comp. 1 Essay
    CLEP Comp. 2 Essay
    English Proficiency Exam
    GED HS Diploma Equivalency Exam
    Hiset HS Diploma Equivalency Exam
    Medical Terminology Exam
    Proctoring Fee (SWOSU Students)
    Proctoring Fee (Non-SWOSU Students)

    Miscellaneous Fees

    Students enrolled in online academic programs only will not be charged the Parking & Safety Fee.

    Audit (without credit) each credit hour
    Same as tuition charge
    International Application Fee
    Parking & Safety Fee (Fall and Spring)
    Graduation Application Fee*

    *The Graduation Application Fee is a one-time, non-refundable fee of $100 per degree (applied to bachelors and graduate degrees). The fee covers administrative costs associated with completing the graduation review, providing academic regalia, as well as printing and shipping your diploma.

    Applied Music Charges

    Instruments rented as available

    Choir Music Accompanist (per course)
    Music Accompanist I Fee (per course)
    Music Accompanist II Fee (per course)
    Private Lessons in music (per hour)
    Semi-private Lessons in Music (per hour)

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